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What? Is the Creed III Actor Jonathan Majors Dropped by His PR? – Popgeek 

Jonathan Majors, whom you often call the King Kang of the MCU, has again fallen into one big trouble. Post the allegations and arrests made on the actor by New York Police Department, Jonathan Major’s talent manager, Entertainment 360 and PR Firm Lede Company, has dropped the actor. Reports suggest that Majors’ talent manager and PR firm have broke ties with him as his client, citing the false behaviour of the actor towards the team. 

actor jonathan majors dropped

The Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania known actor Jonathan Majors has been making hot headlines for a few months, both for good and bad reasons. While Majors enjoyed the limelight post the release of his two big-budgeted movies Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania and Creed III, in February and March, respectively, he quickly became the talk of the town for gearing around legal controversies. This time, it was a big one! 

What is Jonathan Majors’s Controversy?

On 25th March 2023, a 30-year-old woman who is reportedly the romantic partner of Jonathan Majors was harassed by Majors as a result of an argument between the two. As the physical altercation had the woman suffered a head and neck injury, she quickly dialled 911 for help and made Jonathan land into the custody of the New York Police Department. She was then taken to a nearby hospital for further medical treatment. 

jonathan majors's controversy

While no evidence from the lady was submitted proving Jonathan guilty of the allegations, he was quickly bailed. Although the incident’s fallout was immediate, Jonathan faced several backlashes from people after this controversy, including his representatives, who pillared Jonathan in the legal dispute so far. Yes, his talent agency and PR team have left him midway amidst his false behaviour with the team.

However, a confirmation by the talent manager and PR firm on the reports hasn’t been given yet; their silence is only encouraging the news. But Jonathan’s talent manager and PR firm are not the only names who reportedly dropped the actor amidst his legal disputes, but this list is quite long. 

Reports from renowned source Deadline indicate that Jonathan Majors has been ousted from various films, television, and commercial projects. Immediately after the New York Police Department took Majors into custody, US Army suspended its recruiting commercials featuring Majors and pulled plugs of the ad campaign until and unless Majors comes clean. 

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Not just that, but Jonathan Majors is also released from an upcoming Otis Redding biopic The Man in My Basement which isn’t announced to date. Majors was also about to represent the famous fashion house Valentino at Met Gala on 1st May 2023, but amid the legal cases, both parties, including Majors and the brand, have cancelled the deal.    

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Has Marvel Broke Deal With Jonathan Majors?

Coming to Major’s biggest deal with Marvel and Disney Studios, we know the filmmaking giants play quite safe when it concerns speaking anything about their actor geared around legal issues. 

deal with jonathan majors

Since Jonathan’s filming of Disney Plus Show Loki season 2 has already been completed, and he already established himself with Paul Rudd’s Biggie Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania as MCU’s super powerful villain Kang, replacing him in any way in the Kang Dynasty or in any avenger movie which sees a prominent role of Kang, won’t be feasible for the two studios. 

Though, until and unless Major is not proven guilty, his future with Marvel and Disney looks safe till the time I wrote this piece. Also, since Jonathan Major’s talent manager and PR firm haven’t released any official statement with regard to their breaking ties with the actor, his work is currently managed by Entertainment 360 and Lede Company. 


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