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Is Taylor Swift Deadpool Cameo Confirmed? Is the Pop-Singer in the Movie?

Yeah, the news may sound like just another rumor, but here we are revealing the truth. Taylor Swift, who is known for giving popular songs like Anti-Hero, Midnight Rain, and Karma, is likely to join the cast of Deadpool 3. The rumors of Taylor Swift’s Deadpool 3 cameo began doing rounds online in 2022 when the pop singer’s 2016 Instagram post went viral on social media. 

taylor swift deadpool

In the Instagram post, Taylor Swift was seen wearing the real-red suit of Deadpool on a Halloween night. Sharing the glimpse of her wearing the iconic Deadpool suit, she thanked Ryan Reynolds for lending her the costume, captioning – Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you’re the BEST Deadpool inside contact ever. 

While netizens avoided those rumors then, the Deadpool fan club didn’t stop giving more evidence to support their claims. In the same year, on September 27, when Ryan Reynolds shared a promotional video announcing the third installment of the Deadpool movie, Taylor Swift fans were quick to connect one more dot supporting their claims. 

In the promotional video, the clip which unveiled Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine was shot in the same house where Swift’s short film All Too Well was filmed. This again made the Taylor Swift fan club think the pop singer could have a role in Deadpool 3, which most probably could be Lady Deadpool. 

Responding to the Taylor Swift Deadpool 3 rumors, Ryan gave a surprising confirmation to Entertainment Tonight in November 2022. 

He said that Swift would not be appearing in the film but also shared that he would ‘’of course be happy for her to do so. So, while on the one hand, Reynolds’s confirmation quickly bashed all those fan theories aired so far, his statement about him being happy if the pop singer joins the cast also made everyone wonder if Taylor Swift’s Deadpool 3 surprise cameo is still possible. 

taylor swift

However, since neither Marvel Studios nor the pop singer Taylor Swift has given a statement on the reports, it signifies that Taylor Swift is not appearing as Lady Deadpool in the franchise’s third installment. 

For the unversed, Deadpool 3 is the third installment in the superhero franchise starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the lead roles. The film revolves around the duo’s buddy story, who will be seen as adversaries initially. Their team-up to save Wolverine from dying in 2029 leads them to trap in a timeline where they encounter Mobius. More details about the Deadpool story are kept under wraps. 

Production on the Shawn Levy directional is paused amidst the writers’ and actors’ strike and will resume as soon as it gets over. The film was scheduled to hit theatres on 03rd May 2024, but recently Disney Plus has removed that release date from the slot. As few major parts of the highly anticipated film are yet to be shot, it is highly unlikely that Deadpool 3 can make it to the release date announced by Marvel Studios. 

The new release date, story details, and villainous characters can only be confirmed when Deadpool 3 resumes production. As soon as we have any update on the film, we’ll ensure to keep you in the loop. Till then, share your thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Deadpool 3 rumor, and for more such hot information, keep coming back to Popgeek. 

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