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I am Groot Season 2: The Lovely Flora Returns For the Galaxy’s Adventure

Marvel Studios released the first official trailer for I am Groot season 2, bringing the sweetest Baby Groot back to the fans. Introducing himself with his iconic lines, ‘I am Groot’, the animated plant (according to Thor), or shall we say Groot comes back to the Galaxy for another chilling adventure. And, this time, he has some new friends as well, only to land him in major trouble.

I am Groot Season 2

Written, directed, and created by Kirsten Lepore, I Am Groot Season 2 is a sequel to the previous year’s I Am Groot.

The story of the animated series revolves around the cute Baby Groot first introduced at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy film, later securing a full-fledged role in Vol 2. After his brief role in the latter, Groot became a favorite character of all MCU fans. Everything his cute antics, his I am Groot face, his voice, and his undying confidence ruled viewers’ hearts for years.

Having seen his hype among the Marvel goers, Marvel Studios made a standalone series on Groot, allowing all his fans to enjoy alone time with him.

While the first season of I am Groot did the fan service well, the series’s second season is also expected to live up to the Groot club’s expectations and explore a different side of Groot.

I am Groot Season 2 Trailer

In the recently released I am Groot season 2 trailer, we see Baby Groot embarking on a thrilling adventure to the Galaxy. He explores different locations in the 5 Brand New Shots of the video clip. One shot takes us on an icy planet where Groot has his snowy moments; in another shot, we take a glimpse of a few ancient Indian-Jones temples where the baby plant is a little scared, followed by this, Groot befriends a bird who lands him in major trouble, later he gets human nose stick on his pissing him off, and in the last shot, we see him chilling wearing a deo.

i am groot season 2 trailer

Overall the I am Groot season 2 trailer gave fans too many giggling moments. Me being one of his biggest fans, fell in love with the trailer video. Especially the shot where Groot discovers his bird friend is making a nest on his head; the second shot, which was noticeable to my eyes, was once where Groot, unaware of The Watcher watching him, flees off throughout the galaxy.

All rooting to watch the series now!

More About I am Groot Season 2

I Am Groot season 2 is the sequel to 2022’s I Am Groot which saw the deadly side of the humanoid plant. However, this time, season 2 of the animated series is a little different. This time we are more likely to see an annoyed Groot exploring every corner of the Galaxy he lives in. His new friends also join him for the thrilling journey. The Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel reprises his role and lends his striking voice to the series’ titular character.

trailer i am groot season 2

As far as the series’ episodes and runtime is concerned, then you can expect what you had in the previous season. Similar to I Am Groot season 1, I Am Groot season 2 also will come up with a total of five episodes, each having a runtime between 4-6 minutes.

I am Groot. Season 2 hits Disney Plus on 6th September 2023.

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