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How Much is 6ix9ine Net Worth 2023? – Popgeek

6ix9ine net worth 2023
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
How Much is 6ix9ine Net Worth 2023? – Popgeek

Today we are talking about the most controversial rapper’s 6ix9ine net worth 2023, which  Daniel Hernandez has garnered through his rapping career. Known by his stage name, 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, Daniel Hernandez’s music is marked by his aggressive rapping style in the music industry. Although the brute-force techniques in his songs are not the only reason he is popular in the star world. His controversies revolving around using a child in sexual performance and racketeering charges have also kept him in the limelight since his debut year. Born on 8th May 1996, Tekashi69 age is 26 years as of now. 

Despite the rapper and social media personality Daniel Hernandez keeping controversial behavior for a long, he is still a hot topic among his fans. Reason? His popular singles- Gummo, Day69, Billy, Rondo, etc. were extremely viral on the internet and secured a prominent place on US Billboard. His followers, who consider him an idol, are always intrigued to know more about the reel and real-life details of the rapper. And it is very prevalent that they are keen to find out his net worth and how he made a rich career at such a young age. Thus, here is the juiciest information about the popular rapper and social media sensation Daniel Hernandez or 6ix9ine. 

6ix9ine Net Worth 2023 – How Rich Daniel Hernandez is Now?

NameDaniel Hernandez
Birth Date8th May 1996
Net Worth$10 Million
Annual Salary$2 Million

Every 6ix9ine fan here has this inquisitiveness about 6ix9ine net worth 2023, and we certainly understand their feeling, either. So, the real time net worth of 6ix9ine sums up to $10 Million in 2023. Following an aggressive style in his albums, 6ix9ine has made some serious cash from his rapping career and social media networks. While Daniel was a child, he had a great affection for soccer. Surprisingly, when he was only 13, he was even selected for the major league soccer team, but when he chose to make passive income through rapping, he didn’t continue the game either. Tekashi69 is among the richest rappers in the United States and makes a monthly income of $200 thousand through his works and endeavors. 

Most of the 6ix9ine net worth 2023 draws from the rap songs he releases on his YouTube channels. Daniel’s music is an energy booster for his audience, who loves listening to him on a loop. Since the rapper always keeps a restlessness to fetch some more bucks through his heart-throbbing talent, he even signs album project deals with some of the renowned music producers in the industry. Concludingly, Daniel’s YouTube channel and business endeavors have been his helping hand to make considerable income and enjoy the lavish lifestyle he dreams of. And while the rapper has effortlessly taken his journey to suffice life’s needs, we have seen an immense change in the net worth of 6ix9ine. Want to catch the net worth growth of 6ix9ine, i.e., Daniel Hernandez? Read the details below. 

YearsNet Worth
2022$10 Million
2021$8 Million
2020$7 Million
2019$5 Million

Hey, we aren’t done yet. Do you know the value of Daniel Hernandez’s real estate properties? It’s a whopping $5 million. Yes, you are not daydreaming. At the young age of 26, Daniel owns a million-level empire. And also, if you look at the car collection worth of the rapper, you will be more surprised to know that it equals $500,000. Exactly, could you have imagined that? Hell no. So what we could have concluded from his money matter of 6ix9ine is, regardless of how much one hates him for the controversies he created throughout his career, he didn’t allow any of the criticism to be any obstacle to his rapping career and awe-inspiring net worth he owns today. That’s pretty impressive. 

Career Details of 6ix9ine 

6ix9ine net worth 2023

Done gossiping about the net worth of 6ix9inelet’s take a quick look at the rapper’s professional life journey. 6ix9ine had a keen interest in rapping ever since he was a child, but pursuing his passion wasn’t easy. 6xi9ine had to do many low-income jobs before starting a rapping career in the music industry. While he worked hard to offer financial support to his mother, a surprise meeting with New York Record Label Hikari Ultra encouraged him to finally chase his dream and make a larger-than-life impact on the world. Ever since, Daniel didn’t stop and continued releasing songs one after another, including 69, Pimpin, 4769, Who The Fuck is You, etc. But the main reason he was in the spotlight in the music industry was the brute force techniques Daniel used in his songs. 

The biggest turning point in his career came in 2017 when he released his debut single, Gummo securing a good rank on US Billboard. After the single went viral on the internet, people noticed Daniel and began appreciating his work even more. And what could add to that popularity was Daniel’s Instagram post that swamped Twitter and Reddit with a flurry of comments on the platforms. 2017 was one game-changing year for 6ix9ine. Not only did in the year he build a huge fan base but also some jaw-dropping revenue, and people were surprised to witness this. 

The 2018’s debut mixtape Day69 helped 6ix9ine fetch more recognition and bucks after it delivered a hit performance on US Billboards. Although, this popularity was short-lived when, months after, rapper Casanova, a victim of a gunshot attack, alleged 6ix9ine to have been involved in the crime. After this controversy, music associations even banned 6ix9ine from releasing any album for a month. The next month, 6ix9ine made a victorious comeback with his song Fefe; unsurprisingly, it was one big hit on the Billboard chart. So, Daniel Hernandez, i.e., 6ix9ine, has been an active participant in controversies, one of which even penned him in prison. Still, he didn’t allow even one to discourage him and follow his passion, either.

Personal Life of 6ix9ine – Parents, Girlfriend, and More 

6ix9ine net worth 2023

Rapper 6ix9ine was born in New York City to Natividad Perex-Hernandez and Puerto Rican. 6ix9ine’s mother had faced many hardships to give a quality life to her sons, including his elder brother Oscar Osiris Hernandez. 6ix9ine had completed his kindergarten to 7th-grade education in Public Schools 59, Juan Morel Campos Secondary School, and Legacy High School, respectively. After he was promoted to 8th grade, his false behavior toward his classmates expelled him. Further, 6ix9ine never completed their high school education. 

Speaking more about the personal life of 6ix9inethe controversial rapper is reportedly dating Jade, had met in 2018. Before dating the rapper, 6ix9ine shared two romantic relationships with Sara Molina and Marlayna M and father two daughters from each affair, respectively. 

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