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How Much Did Avatar Make Till Now at Box Offices?

How much did Avatar make till now

The popular sci-fi drama Avatar: The Way of Water is set to create history following its continuation in global theatres. After James Cameron’s direction takes the 11th biggest opening in cinemas, it is expected to take a long jump at the Box Offices. Contemplating so, many movie maniacs, including us, have this inquisitiveness to know how much did Avatar make till now at Box Offices. Since the magnum opus, Avatar 2 was released after thirteen years of the first film Avatar, questioning how its sequel is dominating the box office collections is justified either. 

Avatar: The Way of Water is the first sequel to the James Cameron franchise Avatar. A technology-based fantasy tale takes you on a fun-filled ride to the Pandora clan, facing a hard time from the sky people when they attack them to save earth from a global energy crisis. But things turn awry when one of the sky-people, Jake Sully, is torn between his orders and Pandora, whom he considers his home. When 2009’s Avatar made its way to 14000 screens, it grossed $2.9 Billion worldwide, offering the best visual experience to viewers. The iconic success of Avatar subsequently set high expectations for its next sequel, and in denial, Avatar: The Way of Water did live up to it. 

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Released on 16th December 2022, Avatar: The Way of Water opens thirteen years after the incidents of 2009 Avatar. Jake Sully is now officially the chief of the Omaticaya clan and raises a family with his wife, Neytiri. While Jake and Neytiri fulfil their responsibilities for Pandora and their family, a familiar threat returns to wreak havoc again, resulting in the Sully family expel from Pandora’s forest. And when they travel through the Pandora regions, Jakes culminates in a final battle against the humans. As Jake and Neytiri, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana successfully create the magical clan’s identical charm and hook the viewers on their seats. Made on a budget of $400 million, Avatar: The Way of Water becomes the highest grosser of 2022, with a $1.9 billion Avatar 2 total collection worldwide. But since countries like China USA continuing the theatrical run, how much did avatar make till now at the box offices? 

How Much Did Avatar Make Till Now at Box Offices? 

How much did Avatar make till now

After Avatar: The Way of Water makes a strong opening, some industry analysts predict the movie will break its film record, Avatar, which made $2.8 billion, becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time. Speaking about how much did Avatar make till now, James Cameron has crossed $1.9 Billion worldwide. Whether or not Avatar 2 total collection worldwide crosses the $2 billion mark is uncertain. While Avatar fans want the magnum opus to reach new heights, the sequel’s performance will give James Cameron an idea of how he should bring the follow-up of the 2009 Avatar. But let’s not predict the long run for now and discuss how much the underwater Avatar sequel has made so far. 

Recently, Avatar 2 has crossed $360 million in India, becoming the country’s top choice of moviegoers, who even made a booking worth INR 21.10 crore in nearby cinemas. Ever since there has been no stopping for Avatar: The Way of Water. Even though it could not surpass Spiderman: No Way Home or Avengers: Endgame, subject to its opening numbers, it added a lump sum of INR 400 crore to the Indian Box Office. 

Answering how much did Avatar make till now in India is still uncertain as the movie still occupies 3800 screens. For its first three days of collection in India, check the list below: 

  1. Day 1- INR 41.40 crore 
  2. Day 2- INR 43.50 crore 
  3. Day 3- INR 45.60 crore 

Diving Avatar 2 collection in China has crossed the $200 million gross, with the country continuing its run one month after its official release. Observing so, the 2009 Avatar sequel is soon expected to reach $2 Billion, becoming 2023’s first and James Cameron’s third film to reach such a milestone globally. Excited to witness Avatar 2 repeating history? We certainly are. 

How Much Avatar Make Till Now at USA Box Office? 

How much did Avatar make till now

Unsurprisingly, Avatar: The Way of Water topped the 2022’s highest grossing movies globally but failed to surpass its competitor Top Gun: Maverick, in the race. Avatar 2 USA Box Office collection sums up to $571 682, 103, whereas Joseph Konsink’s Top Gun: Maverick makes a domestic collection of $718 732, 821. Evaluating the film’s performance in the United States, it seems like the underwater sequel of Avatar is not worth the hype it built over thirteen years. Despite the Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana avatar 2 box office collection worldwide till now being a colossal figure, it was largely expected to uplift the US Box Office Collection and bring back its counters on the pre-pandemic level.  Avatar: The Way of Water is enjoying an extraordinary run post its December 2022 release, because of which possibilities are higher for the movie to cross $2 Billion by 31st January.

1. What is Avatar 2 box office collection total worldwide in rupees? 

Avatar: The Way of Water becomes the highest grosser of 2022, with a $1.9 billion earning globally. Computing the Avatar 2 box office collection total worldwide in rupees equals 1,54,52,13,00,000. 

2. Why Avatar 2 took 13 years to release as an underwater sequel to Avatar? 

Avatar: The Way of Water took almost 13 years, post its first film Avatar’s release, to create the much-needed magic realm that required extensive use of time and technology. 

3. Will Quaritch return for the next Avatar sequels? 

According to reports, Avatar 2 director has confirmed Quaritch to be the villain in all Avatar sequels. Therefore, he’ll be back in Pandore much angrier than ever. Be careful, Navi.

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