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House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Review: The Westeros’ Royal Wedding Took a Bloody Twist  

The House Of The Dragon Episode 5

The House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Cast, Fabien Frankel, Paddy Considine, and Milly Alcock.

The House Of The Dragon Episode 5 is out on 18th September and streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. This episode takes us to Westeros’s royal wedding, which further takes a bloody twist. Catch Popgeek’s review of the episode here.

With the release of the fifth episode of House of Dragon, it seems like happy weddings are just a misconception in Westeros. Although no event can be as scary as the red wedding in Game of Thrones, many deaths happening in the House of Dragon are still enough to scare us all over again.

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In the previous episode, we saw Rhaenyra Targaryen, who was chosen to be the next ruler of the Iron throne after King Viscerys I, agree to strengthen House Targaryen and his position by forging a match with Laenor Velaryon.

Lenor is one of the most potent members of Westeros’ family. As per King Viscerys, this match will bring many political benefits to their kingdom, so he wants everything to go smoothly. To do so, he visits Driftwood and speaks to Princess Rhaenys and Lod Corylus.

With this medical status already in disarray, King Viscerys arrives at Driftwood and successfully allies the two houses. On the other side, we see Leanor Velaryon and Rhaenyra spending some quality time with each other as they think of at what stage their marriage or relationship stands today.

They share common ground concerning their marriage to be a responsibility and define their rules on the subject of love matters.

As we saw the dalliance of Ser Criston Cole and Rhaenyra, it felt like Ser was fascinated with the soon-to-be queen of Westeros. After Rhaenyra agrees to marry Laenor, Ser surprises her with an offer. Frankel truly shines at this moment as he wonderfully shows the naivety of this character.

Love, feelings and emotion take over one’s judgement. In House Of The Dragon Episode 5, it feels like Ser has forgotten that Rhaernya won’t forget her responsibilities as a Targaryen and won’t allow anyone to play with her future.

At the Red Keep, Ser Otto Highpower warns her daughter, Queen Alicent, concerning her uncertain future with Rhaenyra to be the next ruler of the Iron throne.

With her father being dismissed from the King’s throne and being confused about her feelings about trusting Rhaenyra or not, Alicent gets a reality check.

Westeros’s Royal Wedding Takes Place House Of The Dragon Episode 5

The royal wedding of Westeros will start with a wing-ding while the health of King Viscerys I remain the same. Soon after that, Prince Dameon Targaryen, shockingly removing his wife and Lady of Runestone, Rhea Royce, turns everyone’s head.

After that, the widowed Daemon arrives at his niece’s wedding celebration with a plan. No wedding party in Westeros has been done without some cascading twists and turns or bloodshed. This wedding to has some shocking events that lead to a blood-filled hand of Ser Criston Cole.

After the scary events in Westeros, Lenor and Rhaenyra’s wedding takes place while Viscerys health consistently deteriorates. While Rhaenyra hold back her tears, King Viserys collapses during the same. We know it is not a lucky moment to tie the vows while your father collapses from his festering wounds. Anyways, best wishes to the new couple. Maybe their relationship works and grows beautifully.

The House Of The Dragon Episode 5

House Of The  Dragon Episode 5: Verdict

This week is yet another talky episode, with some heartful conversation between Otto and Alicent, but one that exposes the cracks in the Targaryen armour. The more they attempt to show their unity, the more they fall apart. But outstanding performances by the characters keep everything interesting.

The House of Dragon Episode 5 brings significant twists and turns to the lives of the House of Dragon Episode 5 Cast or characters. From the survival of King Viscerys and the destiny of Ser Criston Cole to the changed perspectives of Queen Alicent, the next Episode 6 will bring some significant changes to the dynamics of the show’s characters. While Daemon and Rhaenyra were teased in the fourth and fifth episodes of House of Dragon, both were seen provoking each other. And now, after Rhaenyra’s wedding, it will be fascinating to watch where this scenario goes further.

As far as this episode’s performance is concerned, Fabien Frankel has done an outstanding job by showcasing the two sides of Ser Criston Cole. The character has some severity, and Frankel successfully brings out Ser’s emotions in the show, which we all were waiting for.

Even if Emily Carey doesn’t have many scenes in the HOD episode 5,  the change in her nature and body behaviour as she makes her way into the pre-wedding celebration of Rhaenyra, dressed in green, signifying the battle for the Hightower is a remarkable moment. But here, the House of Dragon cannot escape from telling us the background.

Matt Smith continues to amaze us with his performance and unpredictable portrayal as Daemon Targaryen.

The House of Dragon series has now reached its season midway, and to the moment, the show has successfully taken the audience back to the aura of Westeros as Game of Thrones did in its wild journey.

Even if the first half of the House of Dragon Episode 5 has performed slowly, it has generated curiosity for the audience to watch the shocking and unexpected dark twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. Hopefully, the following episodes will ask the women to deliver the dramatic scenes like in this one, and we get to see some action sequences, as it’s high time now the characters should sink their teeth.

The House of Dragon showrunners are trying hard to stick to take us back to the classic roots of Game of Thrones by bringing too many surprises for us. To the moment, whatever the show has brought us has been very interesting and enjoyable so far. Be it the script, dialogue delivery, visuals, or otherwise. Yet the gain, where that mixture of emotions takes the Targaryen’s story, is something we are curiously waiting for. For now, we have concluded one thing, and that is Rhaenyra and Alicent will not be friends anymore. So, who will bump into whom? Well, we shall see it in the next episode.

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