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House of Dragon Episode 4: Daemon Targaryen to Seek the Power? 

Cast of Housre of Dragon

House of Dragon Episode 4

House of Dragon Episode 4

House of dragon episode 4, shows us how power makes relationships impossible. Yes, the fourth episode of the hit series is out now. If you haven’t watched it yet, take the sneak peek from Pop Geek’s review of the episode below.

House of Dragon is a beloved family show stream worldwide. . Since the HOD episode 4 has aired, audiences have consistently arrived on Twitter to gush over it. It’s still surprising how the show has been growing its concepts after the massive impact of Game of Thrones.

While it seems pretty hard to form the same magic again, the makers have blessed the online channel with its prequel that recalls Westeros and makes a better version of its own sequel. The 3rd episode of House of Dragon showed us the victorious moments with Daemon Targaryen, aka Matt Smith, winning over the Crabfeeder in the Stepstones.

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Because of this, he gained immense respect in the King’sKing’s land and emerged as a worthy contender for the throne. However, the fourth episode of House of Dragon presents that Targaryen won’t step back to use some tactics to gain power.

House of Dragon Episode 4

The House of Dragon Episode 4, titled ‘Narrow of the Sea’, centers around Targaryen’s return on the King’sKing’s landing to execute his evil plans. In the meantime, we also see the difficulties Princes Rhaenyra aka Milli Alcock, faces in finding her match, who is neither a naïve little boy nor a boring older man.

In another failed attempt to find a husband who can strengthen her place and her family’s position on the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra finds herself in a predicament when King Oscar consistently drags her marriage idea in front of Laenor Velaryon. Even in the previous, Rhaenyra’s father suggested she marry someone with whom she could make her own family and live happily. Seeing the fourth episode, it feels like Rhaenyra also agrees with King’s advice, following which she is actively listening to different marriage proposals in the castle.

Although on the other side, Rhaenyra also naturally rejects every lacklustre suitor that comes along the way. The show’s storyline intensifies as Rhaenyra and Daemon become acquainted after connecting to their different marriage perspectives. Targaryen interrupts the meeting. But the question is why Rhaenyra is rejecting every marriage proposal coming along. Is Rhaenyra willing to marry an act of pretention? Does she even want to marry, or she loves someone else? Anyways, we will indeed find that sooner or later!

The House of Dragon Episode 4 kicks with Daemon Targaryen riding his dragon on King’s Land to see the King. Daemon proudly owns a crown the people gave because of his victory over the Crab feeder. Further, stating that there can only be one King, he hands his crown to the King himself.

House of Dragon Episode 4

Even Daemon’s brother seems happy with the latter’s victory as both share a hug on Daemon’s succession. Meanwhile, Daemon, who has come back in a better version, kneels in front of the King to inform him about the victory.

So, if there is something that we can talk about, the fourth episode has geared up a high voltage for the audience this week, as many scandalous events were observed because of some conspiracy of the evil minds.

House of Dragon Episode 4

The fourth episode of House of Dragon has more sinister stuff for viewers; it needs no bloodshed to earn some shock value. The episode’s climax also drops a bomb, and it’s precisely the point where the actual game begins. The key characters of the episode, Daemon, Rhaenyra, and King Viscerys, promise the most shocking elements we have ever imagined.

A few tragic moments of the episode present a flip side of Queen Alicent Hightower in which she is seen hassling to be the heir-delivering wife of King Viscerys.

In a conversation with Rhaenyra, it emerges that Lady Alicent has been robbed her entire life and has experienced the genuine pleasure of being a female.

Continuing to put the best foot forward, Milly Alcock and Matt Smith were again the greatest duos who leave us galvanized with their outstanding performance in this latest episode. It’s miserable that the more we connect with Rhaenyra, aka Alcock, the more it gets harder to see her go once the chapter of Emma D’Arcy taking the place of Princess begins.

Talking about Matt Smith’s performance, the English actor appears to be the best fit for the role of Daemon Targaryen, as he has kept us hooked on the current episode.

Unlike the past episodes, the fourth HOD episode deeply dives into intimate scenes and nudity, and it’s crystal clear how the show makers have tried hard not to make the fourth episode as vulgar as Game of Thrones. The episode’s end reveals that Rhaenyra is asked to abort her kid if she doesn’t want to carry it. In that situation, Maester approaches her bearing a tea to free Rhaenyra from any unwanted consequences her father brings.

With Episode 4’s release, it’s the scandalous mind that has brought the shock waves in contrast to the physical actions. The show does so many little things well while approaching the time. This week’s mind-blowing scene communicates well with the context of ancient history and human contradictions.

At the exact moment, while continually approaching the time, some show scenes should quickly come to the forefront. All that is important is managing the big things rightfully without contradicting them as per the situations, which the House of Dragon Episode 4 has done very well.

With a total runtime of 1hour and two minutes, the House of Dragon Episode 4 has left many questions about what will happen next in the story and the twists and turns going to take place ahead. Hopefully, next week we can get the same energy this episode has offered us, or to the least, it must comprise some eye-hooking drama for distraction.

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Final word

The fourth episode of the House of Dragon is quieter, and mostly action-free, focusing on sex positions and dynastic matters after the previous action-filled attack. Generally, in television shows, the sex scenes are only shown to cover the total runtime. Although, that’s not the case in House of Dragon. In this prequel to Game of Thrones, the sex between Queen Alicent and King Viserys is shown well. House of the Dragon depicts how passionate some marriages can be.

It’s well played, but unfortunately, some self-involved characters need to put more effort to set a higher standard, as its sequel, Game of Thrones, did. Although one thing that we won’t deny is their good storytelling, they just don’t sacrifice anything to cover a runtime or treat us with some good visuals. Now whether the show wins the fantasy war is a real test this time. We should hold a little to watch it.

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