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FIFA World Cup 2022: Results Scores and Group Stage Points Table

FIFA World Cup 2022

Held every four years, The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious soccer tournament organized globally. It is an international association football tournament held for men’s national teams. So far, 22 editions of the sport have been hosted across different countries. The 22nd edition began on 20th November 2022 and concluded on 18th December 2022, which saw the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Qatar as the hosting country. 

The football tournament witnessed the top 32 national teams vying for the ultimate world champions. The teams from five different federations were divided from Group A to Group H to later compete in a single-headed round format. 

After a series of 64 matches, team Argentina uplifted the winner’s trophy by defeating the two-time winner France on 4-2 penalties. Lionel Messi outshined the tournament with his mind presence and jaw-dropping play style. Read more about the FIFA World Cup 2022 result scores and group stage points table. 

How Many Groups are there in FIFA World Cup 2022? 

FIFA World Cup 2022

The national teams at the FIFA World Cup were divided into 8 different groups, namely Group A to Group H. These are as follows-

Group A- Ecuador, Qatar, Senegal, and the Netherlands

Group B- England, Wales, USA, and Iran 

Group C- Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Poland 

Group D- Australia, Denmark, France, and Tunisia 

Group E- Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, and Spain 

Group F- Belgium, Canada, Croatia, and Morocco 

Group G- Brazil, Cameroon, Switzerland, and Serbia 

Group H- Ghana, Portugal, South Korea, and Uruguay

These eight group teams eventually competed with each other at the tournament, and only two from each group reached the Round of 16. All of the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches were played at eight different Doha locations, and the last final match was held on 18th December 2022 at Lusail Stadium, Lusail, Qatar. 

The Group Stage Points of FIFA World Cup 2022

The group-wise stage points of FIFA World Cup 2022 are as follows:

Group A

PositionTeam NamesTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD

Group B

PositionTeam NamesTotal matchesWonLostDrawPointGFGAGD

Group C

PositionTeam NamesTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD
4Saudi Arabia3120335-2

Group D

PositionTeam NameTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD

Group E

PositionTeam NameTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD
4Costa Rica31203311-8

Group F

PositionTeam NameTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD

Group G

PositionTeam NameTotal matchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD

Group H

PositionTeam NameTotal MatchesWonLostDrawPointsGFGAGD
2South Korea31114440

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Round of 16 Results

3rd December, 2022

Netherland VS. USA– Netherland won by 3-1

4th December 2022

Argentina Vs. Australia– Argentina won by 2-1

France Vs. Poland– France won by 3-1

5th December 2022

England Vs Senegal- England won by 3-0

Japan Vs. Croatia- Croatia beat Japan on 3-1 penalties after the game concluded on 1-1 at the end of extra time

6th December 2022

Brazil Vs. South Korea: Brazil won by 4-1

Morocco Vs. Spain- Morocco won by 3-0 on penalties

7th December 2022

Portugal Vs. Switzerland- Portugal won by 6-1 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Final Results

FIFA World Cup 2022

9th December 2022

Croatia Vs Brazil- Croatia won by 4-2

10th December 2022

Netherlands Vs Argentina – Argentina won by 4-3 on penalties

11th December 2022

Morocco Vs Portugal – Morocco won by 1-0

12th December 2022

England Vs France – France won by 2-0

FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi Final Results

FIFA World Cup 2022

14th December 2022

Argentina Vs. Croatia- Argentina won by 3-0

15th December 2022

France Vs. Morocco- France won by 2-0

FIFA World Cup 2022 Third Place Playoff Results

17th December 2022

Croatia Vs. Morocco- Croatia won by 2-1

FIFA World Cup 2022 Final World Cup Results

18th December 2022

Argentina Vs. France- Argentina beat France 4-2 on penalties

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