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Fast X’s Vin Diesel Reacts to Dwayne Johnson’s Return Says We Create Characters That Last Forever’’

Fast X’s Vin Diesel finally breaks his silence on Dwayne Johnson’s return to the Fast and Furious franchise after the longstanding feud between the duo. Yes, you heard this right. Fast X, which is currently the talk of the town for some good and bad reasons, marks the tenth instalment of the franchise successfully running for the past two decades. While the movie is receiving mixed reactions from fans and critics for its vehicular sequences and weak emotional chords, the revival of some familiar faces in the franchise’s tenth instalment has quickly caught many eyes. 

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Yes, if you have not watched Fast X yet and aren’t aware of many surprising returns in the film, this is the time when you can catch the gossip here. So, the first surprising return fans didn’t expect in the movie was Gal Gadot, who has revived her character Gisele with Fast X. In Fast and Furious 6, Gal Gadot’s Gisele sacrificed her life to save Han from Owel’s henchman, and now that she has returned while Fast X stepped closer to the end, her appearance has raised some eyebrows among the fans. And since Gal Gadot’s return is yet to explain, fans must wait for the franchise’s 11th and 12th instalment to seek their answer.

However, for me, the characters coming back after their death is the new normal in Fast and Furious (Marvels indeed inspired them for this). Considering that Letty also returned in Fast and Furious 6 after dying in 2009’s Fast and Furious, and similarly, Han died in Furious 7 and returned in F9, it looks like Fast and Furious has made this a tradition. 

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But on the one hand, where the return of the characters mentioned above surely surprised the fans, it was specifically The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, whose comeback as Luke Hobbs has taken aback the audiences. 

Yes, after all the Instagram drama and longstanding feud with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson has finally marked his return to the franchise he left in F9. In the mid-credit scene of Fast X, when Jason Momoa’s character Dante Reyes tells Agent Luke Hobbs that he is coming next for him, the shot confirms that Dwayne Johnson is reprising his role as Agent Luke Hobbs to help the franchise conclude in a full circle. 

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And while Johnson’s return has made us believe things are finally settling between him and the main man Vin, the latter’s puzzling statement has confused viewers on the matter. 

We Lead With Love Says Fast X’s Vin Diesel on Dwayne Johnson’s Return

Recently, when Entertainment Tonight asked Vin to comment on Dwayne Johnson’s return to the franchise, the Dom fame seemed to reply diplomatically to the news line. Vin replied- We have such a great cast. We lead with love. We try to create an environment where people can do their best work. That’s all actors really want, is to feel as though they’re supported to create unique characters. Characters that last forever, and you see that in this franchise. 

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On the point where Vin was asked to pass his opinion on Johnson’s return, his puzzling answers have fans anticipating a potential feud between the duo again. Fast and Furious 11, which sees the return of various familiar faces, including Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson, to the franchise, will hit theatres in 2025. While the complete cast, plot, filming and release date information of the franchise’s penultimate instalment is yet to reveal, you can subscribe to the page to stay updated with the news. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast and Furious 

  • Will there be Fast and Furious 11? 

Yes, Vin Diesel has confirmed that Fast and Furious 11 will release in theatres. The movie will hit the big screen in 2025. However, whether the film is, a penultimate or final instalment of the franchise has yet to be disclosed. 

  • Is Dwayne Johnson in Fast X? 

Yes, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, has a cameo in Fast X and reportedly will have a full-fledged role in Fast and Furious 11 as Agent Luke Hobbs. 

  • How old is Vin Diesel today? 

Since Vin Diesel was born on 18th July 1976, he is 55 years old today. 

  • Will Vin Diesel appear in Fast and Furious 11? 

Yes, earlier reports suggested that Vin Diesel, who has been in the Fast and Furious franchise since its beginning, will not appear for the film’s 11th instalment. However, that was a rumour not to believe. Vin Diesel will have an appearance in Fast and Furious 11. It was only Fast 2 Furious in the franchise, which saw his absence, and since the franchise’s heading towards its finale with only two films left in the buck, we know they can’t make it successful without the leading man Vin Diesel. 

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