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Ezra Miller Net Worth 2023: A Look Into The Flash’s Star Reel and Real Life- Popgeek

Ezra Miller, known for playing Barry Allen in DC movies and gearing around controversies, enjoys a wealthy life and career. The American actor began his acting career in 2008 through a feature film Afterschool, followed by two sequels, namely We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, released in 2012 and 2015, respectively. Appearing in 20 films, 8 television and 1 video game project to date, Ezra Miller has made a millionaire empire in 2023. Ezra Miller net worth currently equals $6 million, which the actor hopes to grow with his upcoming big-screen and small-screen projects lined up for 2023 and 2024. 

ezra miller net worth

Building such proliferating revenue at 30 isn’t an easy feat. It’s all of Ezra’s impeccable acting and money management skills that make him a rich Hollywood personality who enjoys a lavish lifestyle and jaw-dropping net worth today. Are you excited to know more about Ezra Miller’s reel and real life? Keep following the write-up for a few more minutes. If you get bored midway, grab some snacks along. Just kidding! 

Ezra Miller Net Worth in 2023- Annual Revenue, Monthly Income and More

NameEzra Miller
Assets$9 Million
Annual Income$2 Million
Salary Per TV Appearance$20000-$25000
Brand Endorsement Earnings$5,00,00/ yr

Ezra Miller net worth for the year 2023 is estimated worth $6 Million. Being one of the on-demand actors in Hollywood, Ezra received a good paycheck for his appearance in films, television and video game projects. While Ezra’s films and television roles are his primary income sources, the actor leaves no stone unturned to make serious cash from his various brand deals. That’s a key to the actor being one of the richest actors in the industry. 

Estimates suggest that Ezra Miller earns $5,00,000 annually from his Brand endorsements. The eight television shows Ezra has worked for gain him $20000-$25000 per episode. This includes tv shows like The Stand, Arrow, Royal Pains, Californication, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, etc. 

On the one hand, where his film, television, modelling and various brand deals made him a household name; these projects also significantly added to Ezra Miller net worth over the years. The table illustrating the net worth growth of Ezra Miller is a live example of how every year, Ezra Miller net worth took a noticeable boost owing to them’s onscreen and public appearances. 

YearsEzra Miller Net Worth Growth
 April 2023$6 million
2022$8 million
2021$7 million
2020$4 million
2019$3 million

Ezra Miller Assets – House and Car Collection of Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller lives in a lavish home in San Diego, California, which the actor purchased for $3 million. Spread over 3100 sq. ft of land, Ezra Miller house boasts 4 bedrooms, 5 washrooms, a game room and other luxurious amenities. 

Speaking about Ezra’s car collection, know that Ezra loves his cars, including Ferrari 812 worth $250000 and Jaguar F-TYPE worth $120,000. 


Ezra Miller Biography

NameEzra Miller
 Born On30th October 1992
Birth PlaceWyckoff New Jersey
OccupationActor and Model
FatherRobert S Miller
MotherMarta Miller
                             SiblingsSaiya and Caitlin

Ezra Miller celebrates their birthday on the 30th of October every year. As of April 2023, The Flash actor is 30 years old. They (Ezra uses they/them pronoun for oneself) was born to Marta Miller and Robert S Miller in Wyckoff, New Jersey, in 1992. Ezra’s father, Robert S Miller, who is Jewish, was the managing director and senior vice president of Hyperion Books. Ezra’s mother, who has Dutch and German descent, didn’t share any occupation details online. Ezra grew up alongside two elder sisters, Saiya and Caitlin. 

ezra miller net worth 2023

While Ezra was only six years old, he took training to learn opera singing and performed in Phillip Glass’s Opera White Raven. They pursued his school studies at Rockland Country Day School and The Hudson School, but since Ezra was keen to build a rich acting career, they dropped studies at sixteen posts the debut film Afterschool’s release in 2008. 

Ezra Miller Filmography 

Ezra Miller, who often makes headlines for gearing up around controversies for dishonest conduct and criminal activities, kicked off their film career with Antonio Campo’s Afterschool in 2008. For their first big screen role, Ezra played a young teen who accidentally filmed the drug-related deaths of his batchmates. 

In 2009, Ezra starred in City Island, and we guess Ezra’s films gained him recognition such that in 2011, he played a lead in Beware the Gonzo. The same year Ezra also starred in a supporting role for Every Day. 

2011 then proved a lucky year for Ezra as the controversial star got three back-to-back films in the year, including Another Happy Day, Busted Walk, and We Need to Talk About Kevin. 

Again between 2012-2015, Ezra’s film career slow downed as they only did four films in the four years, which were The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Madame Bovary, The Stanford Prison Experiment and Trainwreck. Ezra has been struggling hard to get good roles over these years but then came 2016 and Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and what boom his career took after that, no one here is unfamiliar with. Are we the right people? Woah! The DC’s door was finally unlocked for Ezra and with none other but with one of the biggest franchises so far, Batman. Hmm! Ezra is a fortuned boy. 

While Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice only had a cameo role for Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/ The Flash, his screen time in the film was engaging enough to hook audiences to seats. 

Barry Allen is a significant character of DC that Ezra repeatedly reprised for the studio’s other superhero project. Whether that includes Suicide Squads or Ezra’s very own films Justice League, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now the upcoming The Flash, where they played the lead as Barry Allen. 

The Flash is an upcoming film of Ezra and is currently in its post-production stage. Directed by Andy Muschietti will swim in theatres on 16th June 2023. 

Another great role Ezra is also known for in the entertainment industry was in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, where they played Credence Barebone, and with three instalments, they came into the spotlight. And while the film is in the news to come with another instalment, reportedly Fantastic Beasts 4, it is still uncertain whether Ezra will reprise the same role owing to all the controversies they revolve around. 

TV Shows of Ezra Miller 

Ezra has appeared in eight television shows in their acting career. The 30-year-old started their television career in 2008, appearing in an episode of Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space. 

ezra miller assets

The same year they also appeared in five episodes of Californication, and later in 2009, an Episode: of Crush of Law & Order Special Victims Unit also saw an appearance of Ezra Miller. Royal Pains was another television show from 2009-2010, in where Ezra appeared in five episodes. 

In 2020, Ezra reprised the most popular role of they’s career Barry Allen in DC’s tv show Arrow. The episode was titled Crisis on Infinite Earth: Part Four Ezra had a cameo. 

Not just that but Ezra also returned as Barry Allen for an episode of Peacemaker titled It’s Cow or Never. Ya, that’s a strange name for an episode we have heard so far. In 2021 Ezra did a cameo for The Stand and Invincible. 

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Personal Life of Ezra Miller 

Ezra has been in several relationships till their 30s. They have dated Zoe Kravitz and Erin, with who he even exchanged rings, but sadly the pair called off their relationships for irreconcilable differences. They were only 17 when his parents parted ways, causing him mental illness and stress, which they have recovered from by now. Any more details on the actor’s relationship weren’t shared afterwards. 

The Controversial Life of Ezra Miller 

Because Ezra has been charged with dishonest conduct and various criminal activities allegations, they are titled as the second name of controversy by his trollers. In June 2011, Ezra was charged with 20 grams of drug possession which led to a penalty of $600 for the actor. 

In April 2020, Ezra’s video of throwing a woman in a bar surfaced online on verification of which the bar staff expelled them. 

In March 2022, The Fantastic Beasts actor was again charged with disorderly conduct and harassment with patrons at Karaoke Bar. Until that moment, the controversies had almost become a part of Ezra Miller’s life, which not only put their career in jeopardy but also halted Ezra Miller net worth, which could have been earned from brand deals that reportedly were being blocked owing to the actor’s criminal histories. 

After the March 2022 allegation, while his fans thought Ezra would now choose the right path and steer clear of these controversial dramas, Ezra managed to catch up by police again. In April 2022, Ezra was taken into custody under the charges of second-degree assault. 

controversial life of ezra miller 

According to law officials, Ezra was arrested for throwing a chair at a woman during a get-together. And like his previous cases, they were released from custody soon. The other legal issues or controversies Ezra trapped himself in were his relationship with Tokata Iron Eyes, harassment allegations, Vermont farm incidents, and the Burglary charge. Since Ezra’s unlawful activities not only imposed a threat on their acting career but also disappointed they’s audiences who loved Ezra watching onscreen, the actor soon realized the false deeds, pardoned apology publicly and promised fans and near ones to forge the right path again. 

Awards and Achievements of Ezra Miller 

While Ezra has gained a hatred for his legal issues and allegations, they have garnered praise and recognition for remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry. 

  1. Ezra won the 2011 Breakthrough Performer Award from Hamptons International Film Festival for their work in Another Happy Day. 
  2. In 2012, Ezra won the Boston Society of Film Critics Award For Best Supporting Actor, the Hollywood Film Festival Spotlight Award, the San Deigo Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuoso Award for The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Ezra Miller’s height?

Actor Ezra Miller is 5 ft and 11 inches tall. 

  • Has Ezra Miller Worked in a Video Game? 

Yes, Ezra Miller voiced a character name Credence Barebone for a video game titled Lego Dimensions in 2016. 

  • Is Ezra Miller Gay? 

Neither is Ezra Miller gay and nor are they are straight. The actor has defined them’s sexual orientation as queer, which means Ezra does not identify as male or female, but them is someone who is outside of the gender binary. Ezra describes their identity as transgender binary, which is involved with he/she and any person of different sexuality or gender. Mx. Ezra Miller is open to love. 

  • Who is Ezra Miller’s girlfriend in 2023? 

No details of Ezra’s being involved in a romantic relationship with a girl have yet been disclosed. We think the actor is more focused on their career for now or either keeps them’s personal life too private for us to know anything. 

  • Will Ezra Miller return in Fantastic Beasts Four? 

This depends on Warner Bros, who will take the final call to cast Ezra Miller in Fantastic Beasts again, depending upon how the current allegations or charges on the actor shakes out. 

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