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The Last of Us Episode 5
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released5
Episode 5 NameEndure and Survive
Episode 5 Release Date10th February 2023
Runtime57 minutes

Hey allies, we are back with another episode of The Last of Us Episode 5 jumping back to Joel and Ellie in the fifth instalment of the HBO series. And it’s quite surprising how, with every new episode, the video game-based series is turning into a household saga such that the show creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin preponed the release of their weekly episode starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in lead roles. Five episodes are down now, and the HBO show continuously draws more viewers onscreen. There is a lot with The Last of Us Episode 5, and while we give you a spoiler warning, know that you must travel in different timelines again. We are looking back at Joel and Ellie after the two smugglers, who might be the ones Kathleen is looking for, interrupt the duo’s sleep, pointing guns at them. So, it’s time to get into the story as we dive into The Last of Us Episode 5. 

The Last of Us Episode 5 – It’s FEDRA Vs. The Kansas City 

The Last of Us Episode 5

The Last of Us Episode 5 opens with FEDRA’s big fall as they are being overpowered by the people living in Kansas. Kathleen and her military force are opposing FEDRA just ten before Joel and Ellie enter the town only to escape the unexpected attacks. People in Kansas yell- Freedom, Freedom, F**K You FEDRA, F**K You FEDRA. The eight-year-old Sam witnesses this wrath while his elder brother attempts to guard him and instructs him to hide to survive. Whereas the military authority in America asks- Kansas City belongs to the people. Collaborators, surrender now, and you will receive a fair trial. We have control of the QZ and the open city. Anyone caught hiding behind will face charges. 

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Kathleen is back in the frame. She has an offer for the FEDRA collaborators held captive at a storage unit, as she asks them about Henry in exchange for mercy. But when none of the informers is ready to share anything about him, Kathleen asks her goons to kill the group. One of the members then opens his mouth and discloses everything he knows of the whereabouts of Henry, but it seems like it’s too late. Kathleen’s forces shoot the whole group after they hatch the information about their targets.  

On the other side, Sam and Henry are at their hiding place, but they are not here for too long. The next day when the brothers are about to leave their hideout, Henry sighs in relief at his younger brother. However, that was much needed for Sam.  

Henry and Joel Crosses Paths 

The Last of Us Episode 5

We move on with The Last of Us Episode 5. Henry and Sam are still at their place trying to escape the eagle eyes of Kathleen’s crew, just when the former spots Joel taking out the lady’s goon behind Bill’s truck. Henry realizes Joel can help him and his brother get out of Kansas and thus steps ahead to ally with him. Despite Joel’s asshole voice didn’t convince the brothers, they soon call it a win-win over their lunch and plan their way out. 

As the tenuous alliance forged on their new path, they entered into an empty sewer, and the Kansas people survived for a long. Joel, Sam, Henry, and Ellie discover some wall paintings illustrating the emotional stories of people who lived there. As they spend some time over the clear place, Henry reveals that he had to give up Kathleen’s brother to FEDRA to get the right treatment for leukemia his younger brother Sam is suffering from. Joel doesn’t seem convinced that Henry is a collaborator and soon appreciates his actions to save his brother. So, precisely now, it’s clear why Kathleen is mercilessly looking for Henry in Kansas. Okay, things are a bit clear in The Last of Us Episode 5. 

Where is the Justice? Asks Kathleen 

The Last of Us Episode 5

As the video in the fifth episode of The Last of Us progress, we finally see an emotional Kathleen pouring her heart out to Perry and reminiscing her childhood memories with his brother Michael, who also asked her to forgive Henry the last time she met him in jail. But Kathleen is not ready for mercy; she won’t spare Henry this easy. Moving on, the other side is Henry, Sam, Joel, and Ellie, leading into suburbia, where a sudden short disrupts their path. While Joel hatches a plan to take the guy out shooting at them, Kathleen and Perry track their location and trap Henry, Sam, and Ellie. When Kathleen tends to shoot Henry, a massive force of clickers attacks Joel’s new group and Kathleen’s forces. Though Kathleen is killed by a child transformed into a clicker, Joel, Ellie, and Henry are safe, but Sam is bitten by the mass infected. Ellie promises his new friend Sam that she will not tell about his scratch to anyone when the four of them rest in a tourist motel. 

The next day, Ellie wakes up, calls his buddy, sits face away from her, and finds him completely infected. Their tussle brings them into the next room the two men are sleeping, and that’s horrifying. Henry kills his younger brother Sam, whom he has given up so much for. We understand that wasn’t easy for him. He is shocked and disheartened by his actions, following which he aims his gun at his own and pulls the trigger. Of course, he had no other reason to survive, as Sam had already passed away. 

Joel and Ellie bid an emotional farewell to their friends, and despite being broken by the horrible deaths, they set out for their journey to the west again. All the best, Joel and Ellie. 

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