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Echo Trailer Release Date Is Out Now! Will It Be Postponed? Find Out!

The much-awaited Echo trailer has been the talk of the town ever since it premiered at the 2022 San Diego event. MCU Fans have been waiting for the series since it was announced in November 2021. The audience well received the first official Echo trailer released at the Comic-Con as they caught the first look at the series’ big bad Kingpin and superhuman Maya Lopez/Echo. 

In response to their overwhelming response, Marvel scheduled to release Echo in mid-2023 until the series’ head writer Marion Dayre announced a delay owing to some production challenges, eventually leading the series to come out in the final months of 2023. 

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And now, since the series is only 118 days away from its Disney Plus release, Marvel Studios have pulled their socks to gain positive word of mouth from MCU fans to do the series’ promotions. As amidst the ongoing writers and actors’ strike, the entertainment outlet will not be able to receive any marketing help from their actors or writers. Sadly, it’s a big loss to them. 

However, this didn’t change the buzz for the TV series, as every fan poster and a glimpse of the Echo cast shared during the San Diego event created trends on the internet. And now, when a report from a close Marvel source suggests that the makers will release the first official Echo trailer in September, Marvel viewers are already gaga over the shared news. 

Here is what Popgeek knows about the Echo trailer and Echo release date.

Echo Trailer Release Date 

According to a recent tweet from an established MCU informant Marvel Updates, the Echo trailer will release in September 2023 on all Marvel social media handles. However, earlier, the Marvel fan page also made a similar claim about the Loki season 2 trailer release date, which was later proved wrong. The fan page revealed Loki 2 trailer would release on 22nd July, which in reality, was released on 31st July 2023. 

Since the previous claim by the Marvel fan page was proven false, it’s still uncertain whether their new reports about the Echo trailer release date are true. 

Helmed by Marvel Studios and 20th Television, Echo will release as a spin-off of the 2021 TV series Hawkeye which saw the first appearance of Maya Lopez/ Echo. The five-episodic series will focus on Maya Lopez’s character, the first superhuman of the MCU who returns to her hometown and reconnects with her past, eventually leading her to embrace her family, community, and the wonder human identity she owns gracefully. 

The series sees the return of Alaqua Cox, Zahn McClarman, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Charlie Cox, along with various fresh faces. These are Chasbe Spencer, Tantoo Cardinal, Devery Jacobs, Cody Lightning, and Graham Greene. 

It is directed by Sydney Freeland and Catriona Mckenzie, with Marion Dayre as the head writer. 

Will the Ongoing Actors’ Strike Delay the Echo Trailer or the Series’ Release Date? 

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on the matter. Ever since the American actors’ union SAG-AFTRA went on strike on July 14, 2023, every small and big Hollywood banner faced the event’s repercussions. 

Marvel Studios is no exception here, as the entertainment outlet also faced production and official release delays of their highly anticipated films, including Deadpool 3, Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, Blade, Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars. 

However, since none of Marvel’s television series landed on the list of Phase Five and Phase Six delays because of the ongoing writers’ or actors’ strike, hopefully, Echo will also not make it to the list. 

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While Secret Invasion was surely delayed amidst the ongoing writers’ strike, it wasn’t the reason for reshuffling the series’ release date. After the poor response to the Phase 4 projects, Marvel Studios received many complaints from fans of delivering poor VFX quality and broken stories at the beginning of their Multiverse saga. 

Fans’ disappointment led Marvel to rework the ongoing production of their films and series, and because Secret Invasion was a part of it, they made sure the Nick Fury-led series served high on every standard. 

Be it the VFX or story; Marvel reworked all areas to captivate the OTT crowd to Secret Invasion, as a result of which the entertainment outlet delayed Secret Invasion for a June 21 release instead of streaming it in earlier months of 2023. 

Coming to their recently renewed series Loki season 2 and Echo, after Secret Invasion, the other two Disney Plus series were also delayed following the production changes by Marvel Studios. 

But while none of those mentioned above Disney Plus series was delayed because of the ongoing WGA or SAG-AFTRA strike, possibilities are higher. Echo will also remain unaffected by the event. 

However, all that doesn’t change the fact that Marvel Studios cannot promote their Echo trailer as their lead actors abide by the strike rules. Hence, they cannot participate in any promotional events unless the strikes are over. 

On the one hand, where Marvel Studios are going through a rough phase; they are yet looking for a favorable response for their upcoming trailers and series release on Disney Plus. Their recently wrapped Secret Invasion has already ended their dry spell; they are now all eying on Echo 2 trailer and the series’ scheduled release date to bring their audience back to them. 

Only word of mouth from audiences on the Echo trailer can help Marvel gain the buzz for the series release, and we are way more excited to catch their reactions once it hits Disney Plus. 

Remarkably, Marvel Studios is releasing all Echo episodes on the same date planned. This is the first time Marvel is releasing all episodes of its TV series in one single day. And while there is no clue with what strategy the superhero production house took this step, we are just vying to stream the series ASAP and crack whether their strategy rightly worked for them. 

Catch Echo on 29th November 2023 on Disney Plus. 

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