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Dune Part Two Trailer Continues the Revenge Saga of Paul Atreides!

Dune Part Two trailer is finally out! The mind-boggling trailer video takes us to Paul Atreides’s story as he continues his revenge against his father’s murderer while also protecting the Fremen from slavery and oppression. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, who scripted the film along with Jon Spaihts, Dune Part Two is a sequel to the 2021 film Dune and a film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel. 

While Warner Bros released the film’s first official trailer last month on May 3, giving fans a hint of what we can expect from the sci-fi film. The second trailer released by Warner Bros on Thursday gives us an extended look at what destiny has in store for Dune. 

dune part two trailer

Continue reading here to catch what happened in the three minutes and three seconds-long trailer video! 

Dune Part Two Trailer 

The Dune Part Two trailer opens with a close shot of Paul Andreides as he embarks on his quest to avenge his father’s death and protect the Fremen from slavery and oppression. Andreides begins his new life at Arrakis and builds a special bond with a native Fremen Chani, played by Challengers star Zendaya. He also shares a good equation with their leader Stilgar played by Skyfall actor Javier Bardem. 

Paul’s arrival at Arrakis brings a ray of hope for the planet’s natives as they consider him their protector who might save them from Harkonenns. And we guess Paul might do so but in such a way that does not harm their future. 

In his mission, he reunites with House Atreides Warmaster Gurney Halleck, who tells him to use his position and power to kill his father, Duke Leto’s murderer. Although, that’s a different thing that Duke never believed in revenge. 

Meanwhile, Paul, who is regarded as the savior of Fremen, has different plans. As he is the only one to predict the future, which is definitely devastating, he won’t risk creating an unstable situation for the Fremen. 

So exactly what Paul Atreides is up to? Do you think he will be able to save the freemen and will seek revenge from Harkonenns, or will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Watch the film in theatres to find out. 

dune part 2 trailer

Dune Part 2 will pick the events where the first installment left in 2021. However, apart from the film’s lead character Paul, we will witness many playing a pivotal role in securing the fate of Arrakis and bringing political stability to the Known Universe. And if our assumptions are correct, it’s no other than Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson, Princess Irulan, played by Florence Pugh, and Feud Rautha, played by Austin Butler, who will join Paul’s mission. 

Meanwhile, the Dune 2 trailer has also introduced us to various new members. This includes Christopher Walken, who will be essaying the role of Shaddam IV, the emperor of House Corrino. Florence Pugh, who plays Princess Irulan, is the daughter of Shaddam IV. Lea Seydoux will play the role of Shaddam IV’s friend Lady Margot but Tum Blake’s character is still not disclosed. We’re going to wait a little. 

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Catch Fans Reactions on Dune Part 2 Trailer 

The first installment of Dune was helmed on a Budget of $165 million, and with the film making a lifetime collection of $402 million, it was crystal clear that Dune was a great success story. Not only did the film score big at Box Offices, but it also rightly touched the heartstrings of fans and critics. With Dune Part Two making its way in November this year, fans are already overwhelmed by the Dune 2 official trailer aired yesterday. Catch some of the fans’ reactions here- 

dune 2 trailer
  • Because all my visions lead to horror.’ ‘Why? Because you lose control?’ ‘No because I gain it.’ Not a quote from the book, but a perfect encapsulation of the entire epic story.
  • Love the way the music climbed with Stilgar’s speech on his beliefs, then you see his maddening expression of hope. And the sandworm erupts behind Paul, as if to say that his rise is becoming so much more. That look in Stilgar’s eyes as he raised his crysknife was a glimpse of how the Fremen would become the fanatical religious legion and birth the JIhad.
  • YES! I CAN’T WAIT! The second half of the book is even better than the first half and Denis Villeneuve is the best director working rn so I expect this to be even more incredible!
  • I am definitely not missing this in the theatre.

This has got to be one of the best trailers I’ve seen in recent years. Showing just about enough without spoiling the whole thing. And I cannot wait to see Feyd, Shaddam & Irulan in action.

I also dig that Feyd doesn’t speak in the trailer. Show his capabilities first, then get the film out and let the performance do the rest. Really looking forward to seeing what Butler will do with this.

And Christopher Walken, I have to say, I wouldn’t have expected for Shaddam, but I’m instantly sold now.

Dune Part Two will exclusively release in cinemas on 3rd November 2023. Don’t miss the epic sci-fi in theatres! For more updates keep following Popgeek.

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