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CinemaCon Fills Room With Excitement Teasing an Extended Blue Beetle Trailer- Popgeek

DC’s Blue Beetle trailer had a very short showcase at CinemaCon 2023, and here is what went down in the marvelous event. So Xolo Mariduena and Angel Manuel Soto took to the stage at the CinemaCon and gave some of their thoughts on the Blue Beetle movie, and one of the things that were brought up was the World Building and setting of this film in Palmyra City, which the director Soto described as neon synth-wave giving us an almost retro 80s vibe. 

blue beetle trailer

And, honestly speaking, the Blue Beetle trailer exactly shows how we all have wanted Palmyra City to be. It is colorful and innovative, with court industries being at the center. Also, if we look at the very first promo image of the Blue Beetle film, it exactly gives that kind of vibe. Fans who have been fortunate enough to attend CinemaCon also got to see an extended version of a nerve-wracking fight scene, which reportedly was much more physical than DC’s other superhero movies. What conclusion the Blue Beetle extended trailer drew is Blue Beetle is going to be an intricate and visually stunning film that brings fans a lot of surprises. One of which is the film was originally slated for an HBO Max release but is now getting a theatrical release.  

Xolo Mariduena, who plays the titular hero, Blue Beetle, after stumbling upon an alien scarab in Blue Beetle quotes- It’s the story about a family accepting their destiny in their way and also the coming-of-age story about a young guy trying to find his place in the world and find out who is this person, he says on the Blue Beetle trailer release. 

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Meanwhile, Soto, who did the directing duties for Blue Beetle, says, For me, Blue Beetle is finally a story about a hero that looks like me with a family that looks like mine, doing stuff that I’ve seen other people do and it’s a lot of fun a lot of heart a lot of action but all jokes aside right I think it’s a teacher the story about a kid who’s trying the best he can to fit into this world even though this world is not allowing him to be a part of it until this. 

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Who are the Cast of Blue Beetle Film?

Blue Beetle stars Xolo Mariduena in the titular role of Jaime Reyes/ Blue Beetle. He is a teenager who gains superpowers when he stumbles upon an alien scarab and transforms him into a strong Blue Beetle superhero with an exoskeleton body. 

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Adriana Barazza also stars as Nana (Jaime’s grandmother). Elpidia Carrillo essays Jaime’s mother, Rocio Reyes; Damian Alcazar plays Jaime’s grandfather Alberto Reyes; George Lopez is Jaime’s uncle Rudy, and Bruna Marquezine plays Jaime’s love interest Jenny Kord. 

cast of blue beetle film

In addition, we also have Harvey Guillen as Dr. Sanchez and Belissa Escobedo as Jaime’s younger sister Milagro Reyes, which is why it seems like the whole Blue Beetle cast is only about Jaime’s family. The film only has one distinct role of, Dr. Sanchez, who doesn’t belong to the Reyes family. 

When Will Blue Beetle Film Hit Theatres? 

blue beetle film hit theatres

DC Studios has scheduled the Blue Beetle release date for this year’s fall. Blue Beetle will release on 18th August 2023 in theatres. Originally, Blue Beetle was slated to release on HBO Max, but later Warner Bros announced a theatrical release for the Xolo Mariduena starring Blue Beetle, and fans are way excited to get a thrilling visual experience of the film. What about you? Share your thoughts on Blue Beetle in the comments below, and for more updates, subscribe to Popgeek. 

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