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Everything We Know So Far About DC Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow – Popgeek

Supergirl woman of tomorrow

The Co-heads of DC Production Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran, shared their plan for their Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow movie as part of the DC’s new slate released on 31st January 2023. Titled Gods and Monsters, the new DC slate will release two tv series and two films each year, targeting to outperform its competitors Marvel Studios. When asked about the upcoming projects, James Gunn revealed that the DC universe aims to bring its mighty heroes back to the screen. He was also very convenient to state that not all of the announced projects would be an adaptation of the DC comics, but it’s precisely Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow that is confirmed to get a movie. 

Written by Tom King, Supergirl is an upcoming DCU film about a superheroine who embarks on her thrilling journey to ultimately become the hero of tomorrow. This time, Supergirl is a little different. She is neither kind nor rude, but she is not who you have thought her to be. With a stellar story from Tom King, and artwork from Jorge Jimenez and Alejandra Sanchez’s vibrant colors, the Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow is surely a DC project we would love to watch in theatres. 

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow Plot- What is the DCU Movie About? 

Supergirl woman of tomorrow

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow movie plot centers around the Girl of Steel, who continues her battle against Brigands. As per the official storyline of DC Universe, a young alien girl, namely Ruthye, reaches out to Supergirl to help her avenge her father’s death. The sorrowful child cannot accept any denial to accomplish her mission. Tangled in her thoughts, the Supergirl forms a trio involving a god, a Kryptonian, and Ruthye, who is desperate to kill his father’s murderer. 

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Little are they unaware that his journey will take them beyond what they would have expected it to be. A newly forged mission will test their potential and push them on a new journey of self-discovery. ? Tom King and Bilquis Evely have done an incredible job bringing the Supergirl to screens again. We are way excited to experience this intergalactic adventure to life. And as Tom King’s comics have given us some stunning visuals, we expect Supergirl movies to go beyond this imagination. What do you think about Tom King’s story of rebuilding in DCU? Will Supergirl and Ruthye be able to bring villains to justice and defeat the mysterious forces? 

Who Will be the Supergirl In the DC’s Woman of Tomorrow? 

Supergirl woman of tomorrow

James Gunn or Peter Safran didn’t close anything about the SuperGirl actor during their announcement of the DC’s new slate. Sources close to the movie have revealed that the new woman of dc comics will make a guest appearance in the upcoming Flash film. Reportedly it’s Sasha Calley who will play Supergirl in the Flash movie, but it is still unknown if she only is the woman of tomorrow. As James Gunn and Peter Safran are aiming to connect the DC Universe with, possibilities are higher the American actress can reprise her role for the upcoming standalone project.

What is the Expected Release Date for Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow? 

Supergirl woman of tomorrow

A Supergirl is here again. Despite you having met her earlier in Tom’s stories, watching her living her journey again is something we cannot miss for any reason. The story has encouraged us enough to join Kara and Ruthye’s fight for justice. Their tireless work to save the world from the mysterious force intrigued us even more to watch the movie in theatres sooner. But on the one hand, where the Supergirl title has already taken us on an unforgettable journey, we are still far away from the movie’s release date. 

Despite the new Co-heads of DC Studios having finalized the 10 total films and tv series for their next ten-year plan, we aren’t certain whether or not the production team can give a green flag to Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow until early 2027. On the one hand, projects like Superman: Legacy and Batman’s sequel have confirmed release dates, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow still longs for its theatrical release. Since Superman: Legacy is scheduled for a 2025 release date, you can expect to see Supergirl by 2027. Contemplating the movie hasn’t just kicked its development; we cannot hope to stream the DCU Supergirl movie within a year. Although, if we receive any updates on the movie, we will ensure to keep you in the loop. 

When Can You Watch the Supergirl DCU Movie Trailer? 

Watching the Supergirl DCU movie trailer relies on when its creative team completes the script. Thus, it’s hard to expect the trailer until early 2024. A confirmed release date from the Supergirl movie production studio may help predict when we can watch the trailer; you can stay tuned to the page to stay updated. 

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