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Where to Watch the Cocaine Bear Trailer 2023? – Popgeek

Cocaine Bear Trailer 2023

A Universal Pictures production, Cocaine Bear  trailer 2023 is an upcoming American dark wild comedy to reach theatres in February 2023. Cocaine Bear is a result of a failed drug smuggling operation that leads a black bear to go on a drug-fuelled rampage after ingesting a large amount of Cocaine. The story of this black comedy survival thriller film is inspired by true events and filmed under the direction of Elizabeth Banks.

It stars Alden Ehrenreich, Keri Russell, Ray Liotta, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Margo Martindale and others in prominent roles. Official footage of the Cocaine Bear trailer 2023 has been released online, amazing the viewers within two minutes and eighteen seconds. So, ready to dive into the hot spoilers of the trailer? Let’s start!

What Happened in the Cocaine Bear Trailer 2023?

Cocaine Bear Trailer 2023

The official trailer for the 2023 black comedy film Cocaine Bear shows a town where a huge quantity of Cocaine is being discarded in woods through the sky. Now what makes things worse here is a black bear going on a drug-fuelled rampage after an unintentional consumption of the drug. Sounds exciting? Wondering where to watch Cocaine Bear trailer? Check the link below:

If you want to catch some interesting details of the trailer, stay tuned here. The Cocaine Bear official trailer opens with Scott Seiss

and Kahyun Kim as Beth searches for Medic in a room. While they enter, they find a mess all over, and Beth Says- Oh Jesus, What is that?

Slowly, Scott takes a step ahead, opens another room in search of Medic and finds the black bear coming closer to him. Scary though! He closes the door in shock and says- Beth, we should go. But it’s already late. The black bear, who has consumed the Cocaine, crashes the door and attempts to attack Scott.

A moment after, we see Marty (Alden Ehrenreich) and Howard (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) listening to the news about the cocaine drug case. A narration of a news anchor informs people about the million-dollar Cocaine drug fell in Knoxville, Tennessee through the sky.  While the cops investigate the missing drug, a tourist group reaches the dangerous forest area in search of their two young girls.

What further goes ahead is the group discovering the black bear on a hassle to find more drugs for consumption. It’s a clear run-rune case, thereby, where everyone is scared of the impending danger or, shall I say, the mad bear. They run, climb trees, or hide either to save their lives.

It’s a trailer wrap! 

Cocaine Bear Trailer 2023

In the last few seconds of the Cocaine Bear trailer 2023, we see Beth, Margo Martindale and Scott Seiss escaping from the Bear in an ambulance while the mad animal is right after them, chasing them to hell. So, will the tourist be able to escape the Bear’s wrath, or they’ll die? I think only the film has our answers now.

Cocaine Bear will hit the theatre screens on 24th February 2023. Get ready to go on a wild journey of Elizabeth Banks this new year. To continue receiving such hot spoilers of your favourite Hollywood movies, shows and anime, subscribe to the page now.

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