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Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor, singer, guitarist, and lyricist who is news for portraying Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi drama Oppenheimer. Cillian made his acting debut with 1998’s Sweety Barrett and has also gained popularity from Disco Pigs, How Harry Became a Tree, and Sunburn, respectively.

These films brought a turning point in Cillian’s career and earned him a passive income. I guess very few fans have an idea that apart from being a profound actor and music artist, Cillian also makes headlines for being an acclaimed personality with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Continue reading to learn more about Cillian Murphy movies, personal life, career, and net worth growth.

Cillian Murphy Net Worth: How Much Does the Oppenheimer Star Earns

Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

No matter how bored you feel reading about 10-page extended biographies of famous personalities, you cannot say no to yourself when it’s about Cillian Murphy. What milestone this Irish actor and rock musician has achieved over the years has blown my mind. So, let’s dig into the matter a little more and find out how much Oppenheimer Star earns annually. And guess what? I found the answer.

The net worth of Cillian Murphy is a whopping $20 million, which he has earned in 22 years of his acting career. Hmm! Sometimes I feel why I haven’t pursued to be an actor, though! I never had an idea that Cillian Murphy worth is such huge in the industry. Well, it is his hard work that has paid off.

Cillian Murphy Early Life

Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

Since I know how much the star actor Cillian Murphy earns, I have grown more curious to know about his personal life now. So, do you? Then don’t miss this spoiler.

Cillian Murphy was born on November 27, 1976, in Douglas, Ireland, to Brendan Muphy and Jane Murphy. He is the eldest child of his Roman Catholic family. When Cillian was ten, he began playing music and writing songs. During his grown-up years, Cillian enrolled in a Catholic School, Presentation Brothers College, to pursue his acting career. Although his academic performance was impressive, he often faced colossal trouble.

Further, Cillian decided to take his music career forward, following which he played guitar and sang for various bands around him. Cillian’s brother joined him in his journey of collaborating with different bands and later formed their band, The Sons of Mr. Greengenes. Seeing the duo’s performances, Acid Jazz offered a five-album record contract, but for some reason, the pair turned it down.

In 1996, Cillian enrolled in University College Cork to study law but unfortunately didn’t qualified the first-year examination. And, of course, it was because Cillian had more interest in his music career. While studying at the University College Cork, he participated in two plays, Little Shop of Horrors and Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme.

Cillian Murphy Movies 

Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

Cillian Murphy movies are the most-hot topic in the spoiler burning today. Since the Irish actor is in the news for being featured as Robert J Oppenheimer in the biopic film Oppenheimer, many of you would want to know more about his acting career. Am I right?

In the initial days of Cillian’s career, he pursued rock music and even performed for bands but later switched to acting. In 1996, he auditioned for Corcadorca Theatre Company and then acted in his first play Disco Pigs, the same year. Initially, the professional play was planned to run for three weeks, but its success led it to air for two straight years in Canada, Australia, and Europe, respectively. Since then, Cillian has prioritized his acting career over music and grabbed various successful projects.

Cillian Murphy movies count both British and Irish films and stage productions simultaneously. Between 1990-2000, Cillian shifted to Dublin, and in 2001 he moved to London. The 2002’s 28 Days Later film, in which Cillian was featured in the leading role, hooked everyone’s eyes on him. The movie was a worldwide success, after which he got a huge global fanbase.

Hey! Not just that, but Cillian’s performance in the film also earned him several award nominations. Hmm! Just one movie brought so much good luck to Cillian.

In 2003, Cillian bagged Intermission and featured opposite Colin Farell. The intermission movie earned the highest points at the Box Office. The same year, Cillian played a significant role in Girl with a Pearl Earring and Cold Mountain.

To the point, Cillian has established himself as one of the best stars of Hollywood. His 2010 Inception, Batman Begins, and Red Eye collectively better revenues at Box Office. The other Cillian Murphy movies and dramas include Peaky Blinders, Aloft, Anthropoid, and Dunkirk, which the actor done between 2010-2016.

How is Cillian Murphy in Real Life? 

The actors with whom Cillian Murphy has worked say he is a very reserved and private person who likes to keep things simple. His distinctive blue eyes are what every fangirl crushes over. If you are not aware, Cillian Murphy prefers to travel alone for personal or professional reasons. If luck favors you, chances are you could meet the actor somewhere on the flights or at destinations.

Wait for a second! Did you have a thought Who is the girlfriend of Cillian Murphy? Yeah, how can such an amazing person be ever single? News from the sources I received states that the actor tied-knot with his long-time girlfriend, Yvonne McGuiness, back in 2004. The couple first met in 1996, got wed in 2004, and after that, Cillian fathered two sons from his marriage, namely Malachy and Aran. Today, the pair lives a happy life in Monkstown, Dublin.

Cillian Murphy – Age, Bio, Birthday, Family Net Worth Lifestyle & More

Hence, above is everything I have investigated about Cillian Murphy wife kids, early life, income, career, and net worth growth so far. To uncover more such hot topics, stay tuned to our page! And If you haven’t subscribed to the page yet, then do a good cause right now!

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