She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown: Jens Faces An Identity Crisis 

She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown: Jens Faces An Identity Crisis 

Hey guys! Welcome to another story of Popgeek, where we will talk about She-Hulk Episode 7. All three episodes of the famous series are left, including this one. After episodes 8 and 9 will stream on Disney+ Hotstar, the show will end. This means we are heading to the show’s finale, which has used a lot of deep cuts from the Marvel Comics Universe by bringing two classic Marvel characters. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the episode and find out what happened between Jenn and Josh.

The title of She-Hulk Episode 7 is The Retreat, which has a runtime of about 32 minutes. Written by Zeb Wells, this episode is directed by Anu Valia. The synopsis of the seventh episode describes Jen visits Blonsky’s wellness retreat, meets new friends and gets in touch with her inner She-Hulk.

In episode 6 of She-Hulk, Jen is invited to be a bridesmaid at her school friend Lulu’s wedding. But, she is upset that Lulu wants her to not dress as She-Hulk and instead perform the many pre-wedding duties left. The situation worsens when Titania arrives at the wedding but loses to She-Hulk in a brief fight. Nikki and Mallory win the divorce case of Mr. Immortal; during their celebration, they discover a death threat for She-Hulk. On the other hand, an organisation tests She-Hulk’s blood samples stolen by them. The episode ends with a disturbing scene where a crew monitors Jen and prepares to attack her. But no clue is given behind this conspiracy.

She Hulk Comic Poster

Jen Finds a New Circle! 

She-Hulk Episode 7 starts when Jennifer Walter has dated Josh, who likes Jennifer Walter rather than She-Hulk. Therefore, he gives much more preference to Jenn, which matters the most to Jenn, that people like her more than Jenn and not as only She-Hulk.

The couple, who have liked each other, sleep together after a couple of dates. Jenn, who used to be a depressed person, now always thinks of Josh, texts him daily and is quite happy in her life. Love is in the air, though.

But her happiness soon turns into a nightmare for Jenn when she doesn’t get a reply from Josh to the text she has sent him.

Regarding her clothes, Jenn wears a purple dress that seems to be a civilian costume, but it has something familiar to her She-Hulk costume. So the colour of the civilian dress and her She-Hulk dress is purple only. As we will see in her costume soon, a reference is given to the audience here.

When Jenn visits her office, Nikki informs her she (Jenn) is nominated for the Female Lawyer of the Year Award, and she may win it too.

She Hulk In Image

On the other hand, Jenn is curiously waiting for Josh’s message as he hasn’t replied to her for the past 12 hours. Here, Nikki tells Jenn that she should not sound too desperate and rather should calmly wait for the message.

Two days later, While Jenn still waits for a notification or text from the love of her life, she feels disappointed with Josh for not even looking after her text. Josh suddenly has escaped from Jenn’s life, and she is stressed about what’s going on in her life.

Days have passed, and it seems like Jenn has lost all hope of receiving Josh’s message. After that, on Sunday we see that Emil Blonsky’s parole officer, Chuck, calls Jenn as he wants her to accompany him to the farmhouse. He received an alert on his inhibitor, for he had to go to the farmhouse to check on the matter.

But Chuck fears going alone because the people disguised as abominations could even kill him. Being idle at her home, Jenn agrees to go with Emil Blonsky. She continuously checks her phone to know if there is any update. But, nothing much happened.

Upon reaching there, Chuck asks Jenn to become She-Hulk, to be prepared for any fight. So inside, She-Hulk and Chuck interact with Emil, and he explains he went too close to the electric fence while saving her chicken. After that, he reassembles the inhibitor. So, it’s time to drive back to LA .

After that, Jen sees Man-Bull and El Aguila fighting with each other and bumps into Jenn’s car during the same. The person named El Aguila tells Jenn that he will pay for the loss made to her car. Emil asks Jen to join their circle until her car is repaired, only to disrupt their conversation.

Also, there is no cell reception or wi-fi at the Summer Twilights. The time Jen spends there is her nightmare. As she watches the circle conversing in a spiritual environment, she notices two other people, Saracen and Porcupine.

Who is the Guy? who Just Arrived at Summer Twilights? 

She Hulk Featured Image

Heading with episode 7 of She-Hulk, we see a man from the Wrecking Crew arriving at the farmhouse, seeing whom Jenn gets furious and keeps beating him. Emil insists she calm down and asks her to discuss her anger issues.

Jenn agrees to do so, but she is not yet ready to share her thoughts. But, when Emil asks her again if there is anything she wants to share? That’s when Jen pours her heart out. She says she met a guy at her friend’s wedding, and they went on dates, but she hasn’t heard from him yet.

All the members of the circle bring out the reason for her situation. They advise her you should not be so desperate for someone’s text message and make people feel you are thirsty.

She opens up that Josh was the first person who liked her as Jenn rather than her other identity of She-Hulk, because of which she generated a liking for Josh. She wants Josh to love him, but now everything sucks. Listening to Jen’s words, the circle asks Jen about Josh’s whereabouts as they want to kill him for his deeds.

But then Emil being Emil calms everyone. Later, Man-Bull asks She-Hulk to change herself into Jen if she trusts them. She-Hulk converts into Jenn, and then everyone applauds. Taking a sigh of relief, Jen confess that she is feeling much better now talking to them.

Unfortunately, Jenn’s time at the farmhouse ends now as the mechanic has arrived to take her car. The circle makes a goodbye card, and Emil drops her at the gate, reminding them she is welcomed here anytime she wants.

She Hulk Poster

What? Did Josh take Jen’s Blood? But Why? 

While Jen drives her way back to her home, she is calm. It felt like she much needed this retreat. Although, three days back (on Thursday), we are taken back to Josh and Jen’s date. While Jen sleeps at night, Josh copies all her phone’s content, snaps a picture of her, sends it to HulkKing and texts him he has got the blood of Jennifer Walter.

Hence, that’s true; Josh sucks.

Deadpool 3 Officially Introduces Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

Deadpool 3 Officially Introduces Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

On 27th September, Tuesday, star Ryan Reynolds announced the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the next instalment of Deadpool. The actor will come back to his signature X-Men role in Deadpool 3. The superhero film also has its official release on 6th September 2024.

Ryan and Hugh’s team-up is something their fans have been waiting for so long. And if Ryan could restart Deadpool, why not restart his bond with Ryan’s Wolverine?

Talking about the official announcement, in the twitter video, Ryan said ‘’Hey everyone we are extremely sad to have missed D23, but we have been working very hard on the next Deadpool film for, uh a good long while now. Ponting towards the D23 Expo event held in early September, he said ‘’ I have had to search my soul on this one. His first appearance in the MCU obviously needs to feel special. We need to stay true to the character. Find new depth, motivation and meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart. It has been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside. And I…..I have nothing. Just completely empty here. And terrifying. We did have one idea.’’

Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time? ‘’ Yeah, sure Ryan. Jackman replies. The clip ends with Whitney Houston’s song I Will Always Hugh, a teaser depicting Coming Hughn, a crazy Deadpool logo and at last the movie’s release date- 9.6.2024.

Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Deadpool is Joining Marvel’s Universe!

Starring Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 will be directed by Shawn Levy, who also directed The Adam Project and Free Guy with Reynolds. Yes, the filmmaker has confirmed that the movie will soon join the Marvel cinematic universe after the Walt Disney Company purchased the 20th Century Fox.

Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who scripted the first two Deadpool films, have also returned to write the script for Deadpool 3. Rhett has stated that the film’s third instalment will remain R-rated.

The last time we saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was in the 2016 movie Logan. However, the famous film directed by James Mangold saw the death of Wolverine in the end. After the movie’s release, Hugh constantly reported that the movie was his swan song in character.

Therefore, it is not yet clarified how Hugh Jackman will appear in Deadpool 3. However, his role is mainly famous for breaking the fourth wall in the comics and the movie. And as Kevin Feige- the President of Marvel Studios, said, Anything’s possible in the multiverse who knows if we get to see another big superhero this time?

Ryan Reynolds

The idea that Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 star is reprising his role as Wolverine is exciting enough for the fans. Hugh has played Wolverine in nine movies, and his character in Logan was the best one we could see from him. But seeing both the stars Ryan and Hugh together again will be a great pleasure for fans.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a profound superhero past together. The Deadpool star first played a role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. The film was the first spin-off to highlight Hugh’s character, whose Deadpool’s version wore a black and red costume.

Many years later, Ryan got featured in another R-rated Deadpool movie. Deadpool’s instalments were a gigantic success that earned $780 million across the globe.


The 20th Century Fox, now gained by Walt Disney Company, released the two films in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Meanwhile, James Mangold, who showed the end of Wolverine’s story, responded to the Deadpool 3 news with a gif from Logan of the Wolverine clone X-24, where the long-lived mutant is finally killed.

After James posted the gif, fans immediately began reacting with comments. Many of them also wrote Anything is possible in the multiverse, Your are not the last word on Wolverine and more.

Hours later Mangold took back to Twitter and explained his intent to the fans, stating, Oh my gosh! Everybody chill. Just kidding! I am all good! LOGAN will always be there. Multiverse or prequel, time warp or worm hold, canon or non-canon or even without a rationale, I cannot wait to what madness my dear friends @VancityReynolds and @RealHughJackman cook up!’’.

Al Pacino: Life, Career, Net Worth and Achievements 

Al Pacino: Life, Career, Net Worth and Achievements 

Al Pacino is an American filmmaker, actor and one of the enduring icons of American movies. The net worth of Al Pacino is $120 million, which he has earned in over five decades of his career. Being an icon of American cinema, Pacino has won many awards, including the Academy Award, Tony Award and more. His notable movies include the Heat, Scent of a Woman, Serpico, The Godfather, Donnie Brasco and The Irishman, among many others. Study the article closely to get more insights into Al Pacino’s life, career and achievements.

Early Life 


Born on 25th April 1940 in East Harlem, Alfredo James Pacino is the biggest star in the American film industry. However, Al Pacino’s life was never a cakewalk for him. He has done many hardships to reach this position. While he was just two years old, his parents parted ways, following James, and his mother shifted with his grandparent to the Bronx. James’s grandparents were Italian immigrants who came from Corleone during his parent’s separation. Meanwhile, Al Pacino father, who belongs to San Fratello, shifted to Covino, California, after the divorce.

Alfredo never enjoyed going to school. Despite his unwillingness, he attended Herman Ridder Junior High School and bunked many sessions during the same. After that, Alfredo gave an audition to enrol in the High School of Performing Arts and received acceptance from the institute. However, Alfredo’s mother wasn’t happy with this decision, and after a heated argument, Alfredo moved out on his own.

To earn a living and pursue his passion, he took many jobs, including working as a busboy, messenger, and janitor.

Al Pacino Posing For Photo

Career–Struggle and Success

Alfredo performed anywhere he could to manage his expenses. He was also frequently homeless and unemployed. He also took part in basement plays and gave auditions to many companies but largely faced rejection. Eventually, HB Studio (an organization of top professional actors, play-writers and theatre directors of America) selected him. After enrolling in the studio, coach Lee Strasberg taught him method acting.

In 1967, Alfredo performed in the play Awake and Sing for its complete season. He received $125 weekly for his performance at Boston’s playhouse. In 1968, Alfredo was featured in the play The Indian Wants the Bronx by Israel Horovitz. The play delivered 177 performances in which Pacino’s performance impressed the entertainment manager Martin Bergman. After that, he signed up for a movie with the manager, and their relationship was fruitful for both sides.

Martin later forced Alfredo to do the role in The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, and Serpico, which solidified his stand as one of the industry’s best actors.

In 1969, Alfredo made his movie debut with Me, Natalie, followed by The Panic in Needle Park. Both the movies rose Pacino to fame such that Francis Ford Coppola offered him the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. His performance in the movie produced his first Oscar nomination.

From that point, Alfredo continuously got such classic movies, including Serpico, The Godfather Part 2, The Godfather Part 3, And Justice for all. During the 1980s, Alfredo was less productive. In 1983, he played the role of Tony Montana in the film Scarface. The film was a Box Office success and became one of its iconic roles in Pacino.

Other remarkable film roles in Pacino’s career include The Irishman, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Paterno, Phil Spector, Insomnia, Any Given Sunday, The Devil’s Advocate, Scent of a Woman and Dick Tracey.

In 1993, Alfredo won the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the Scent of a Woman. He has also received eight nominations for the Oscar Awards and won one.

Al pacino Old Age photo

Al Pacino Salary 

In 1972, Alfredo earned $35000 for his performance in the film The Godfather. For The Godfather Part 2, he earned $500,000 for his role. Above all, he also received 10% of the movie’s gross after break-even, converting over time into $10 million in extra earnings.

For The Godfather Part 3, Alfredo demanded $7 million as his salary and a percentage of the gross profit of the movie. However, Francis Ford Coppola refused to fulfil his demand and even told Alfredo that they would make the movie’s first scene with Michael Corleone’s funeral. As a result, Alfredo agreed to take $5 million for the film.

Later, Alfredo received $1.5 million for Glengary Glenn Ross, released in 1992. And in 1993, he earned $6 million for Carlito’s Way.

By the mid-1990, he was making over $10 million for every movie appearance, regardless of the length of this role. For instance, In 2002, he got $11 million for S1m0ne.

Alfredo and HBO have a multi-year ongoing contract that assures a flat payment of $10 million to the actor for any movie he features for the network. So far, the production house has made three films under this contract. They are Phil Spector, Paterno, and You Don’t Know Jack.

In 2019, the American actor and filmmaker earned an estimated $20 million for his appearance in The Irishman. The salary earned by Alfredo is a career-high salary for all the actors.

Al Pacino In Black And White

Personal Life

Al Pacino is single and has married no one yet. However, he has three children. His eldest daughter came up from his relationship with Jan Tarrant. After that, he dated Beverly D’ Angelo, with whom he fathered twins- one girl and one boy. The couple dated from 1996 to 2003. Later, from 2008 to 2018, Alfredo was in a ten-year relationship with Lucila Polak but had no children from their relationship.

Real Estate

Alfredo currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, where he has a mansion he pays rent for. Other than this, Pacino has owned a vast property in Palisade’s town. He has also owned properties in New York but always chose to live on rent.


House of the Dragon Episode 6: It’s a Hard Time For Rhaenyra

House of the Dragon Episode 6: It’s a Hard Time For Rhaenyra

So, we have got episode 6 of House of Dragon streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. We are here to explain what happened in the episode with new characters, Easter eggs and many surprising events taking place. Therefore, if you have not yet seen this latest instalment, this is the time you catch its story here.

With the latest instalment of House of Dragon, we have to bid farewell to Emily Carey and Milly Alcock and greet Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy in the roles of the older Alicent and Rhaenyra, respectively.

Thank The Seven. Olivia and Emma both seamlessly slide into their respective roles. Now that a decade of over ten years, between the fifth and sixth episodes, both the queen and princess have slightly tricky edges.

However, the cast switch in the episode is the best brilliant deal, including the revelation of how devious Larys truly is and the post-birth trek of Rhaenyra.

Congrats, Rhaenyra, It’s a Boy!

Rhaenyra has given birth to her child

The episode starts with Rhaenyra giving birth to her third child and moaning continuously. To help Rhaenyra in her delivery, Septas attends her and ensures that everything goes smoothly. The time jump clearly shows that now Alicent and Rhaenyra are at odds. As the latter holds her newly born son, she is cited by the queen. That’s a vicious move by Alicent that forces Rhaenyra to navigate the castle. She determines not to go weak; laenor climbs up the stairs. Laenor’s sweet gesture soon gets uncut with him naming Rhaenyra’s child without even consulting the mother. He calls the child Joffrey (his ex’s name, who Ser Criston Cole killed).

Viserys pinpoint the newly born and states that the baby’s nose looks exactly like his father’s nose, which is false.

While Alicent gives a knowing expression towards her ex-best friend, she also suspects the revelation to be true.

Although we all know the birth father of Rhaenyra’s kids, it’s none other than Ser Harwin Strong- a captain of King’s Landing. Lenor, who arguably spends his days with Carlo, is restfully living this lie.

Alicent wants Viserys to accept the truth, but he denies what infuriates Alicent, who already has a hatred for Rhaenyra, as she never disclosed her relationship with Criston and Daemon to Alicent.

Criston also arrives at the mention. Earlier, Criston was humble and sweet, but now he is only a chilly companion of the queen who no more respects his former lover Rhaenyra.

Daemon Goes Through a Timeshare Presentation

Daemon with his children

In the time jump, we see Alicent has taken the place of her father and wants her children to rule the Iron Throne. For that reason, she goes to her son Aegon 2, a young spoiled

and asks him to be the next Iron Throne King. Unsurprisingly, Aegon is seen pushing around Lucerys and Jacaerys and bothering his little brother Aemond by giving him a pig dressed like a dragon. (As Aemond is the only person on their team who does not have a dragon, he is mocked by his brother). Aegon’s lousy behaviour is entirely justifiable because his mother regularly tells him that one day, he must sit on the Iron Throne while staring out the city Aegon will rule.

Harwin and Criston instruct Aegon and other children on the castle grounds to flaunt the swords. While Aegon tyrants other children, Criston passes a comment to Harwin concerning the parenting of Rhaenyra’s kids. Criston’s taunt to Harwin leads to a fight between the two, which eventually raises more eyebrows about Harwin and Rhaenyra’s relationship. Even Harwin’s father, Lyonel, who is the Hand of the King, does not like the fight because he knows the complete truth of the duo’s relationship.

Harwin in the image

Lyonel tells Harwin that he should leave the castle and live as a resident of Harrenhal, the seat of House Strong. And guess what? Lyonel, too wants to run away from the castle and give resignation from his Hand position. While penning down a note concerning his resignation, Alicent and Viscerys ask him to justify his comments. But Lyonel refuses to do so; this infuriates Alicent. Despite Viscerys not accepting Lyonel’s resignation, he allows him to accompany Harwin to Harrenhal.

This shows that King Viscerys knows his daughter Rhaenyra’s truth. As the latter learns these hidden facts, she talks to her husband about it. While he says he doesn’t care about the whole situation, she demands him to stay by her side and leave the castle together. The reason is that Rhaenyra’s son has asked her if Harwin is his birth father. Later on, in the mansion, Rhaenyra tries to be throw her son Jacaerys to Alicent’s daughter Helaena for which she can even give Syrax’s dragon eggs to Aemond. Viscerys like the idea, but Alicent is still stuck with her wish of Viscerys accepting the truth about his daughter.

Larys Strong Look

Meanwhile, we see Daemon is now married to Laena Velaryon and gave birth to two daughters, Rhaena and Baela. And now, Laena is pregnant with Daemon’s third child. While the couple visits Pentos, they get a lucrative offer of becoming permanent residents of the Lords of the City. While the Pentoshi are stressed about the return of the Triarchy, they feel Daemon can save them, as he has once defeated Triarchy in the battle.

While Laena doesn’t like the proposal, Daemon considers it for once, but in return, he wants some gold. Laena tells Daemon to return to his brother while also informing him about Rhaenyra’s third child. But Daemon is unhappy with Laena’s words. Next, we see Laena giving birth to her third child, during which the doctor informs Daemon they will have to extract the baby. Laena rushes to her dragon and asks her to burn her with his flame. Daemon tries to stop her, but I guess it’s too late.

Back in King’s Landing, Alicent meets Larys Strong, who agrees with her concerning Rhaenyra’s children. He suggests Alicent free all the prisoners to burn the castle. But Alicent disagrees and says, I did not wish for this. Here Larys has murdered his father and brother and confidently asks Alicent to reward him for his bravery.

So, this instalment closes with the sixth episode of House of Dragon. I hope you have enjoyed the spoiler. Until I come up with any other breakdown, check our reviews on past episodes of House of Dragon.


Lord of the Rings Episode 5 Spoiler- Will Numenor’s Forces Reach the Middle Earth on time? 

Lord of the Rings Episode 5 Spoiler- Will Numenor’s Forces Reach the Middle Earth on time? 

Galadriel image

So here comes the fifth episode of the Amazon Prime Video fantasy series, the Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings Episode 5 continues the story when Queen Regent Miriel answers Galadriel’s request to protect the natives of Southland as the dark forces control them.

Queen Regent unveiled this twist about her fear for the Kingdom that had come from her dream. For now, the question is whether the manifested heir of the Southland’s throne position, Halbrand, would join this war to protect Middle-Earth.

In the meantime, at Southlands, we were shown the evil leader of the Orcs, Adar (a dark Elf), but is he Sauron?

Get all insights here to know what happened in the fifth episode of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

While observing the surroundings close to the Rhovanion, Nori Brandyfoot teaches the Stranger Daniel Weyman words and concepts related to the Harfoot culture, including the different perils they encounter. The Stranger worries that he is a peril himself.

Soon after, the pair reunite with the Harfoot caravan withPoppy Proudfellow and Brandyfoots at the back. As they continue their argument, they sing. As they proceed, Poppy sings ‘’This Wandering Day” while walking to the Trout Bend and further to the mountainous range, Braids. One night, as the Stranger looks at the stars, Poppy observes him.

Back at the Rhovanion, where the Stranger first crashed, The Dweller, The Ascetic and The Nomad inspect the cater.

Why are the Enigmatic Figures Inspecting the Stranger?

What’s Happening With the Elves and Numenor’s War? 

At the Southlands, the Orcs leader Adar that the part of him which feels the sun will soon call the summons. Has he resembled an orc?

In the watchtower, Arondir and Bronwyn speak to the crowd and tell him about Adar’s warning. Bronwyn appeals to everyone to join her in resting the evil forces, to which many people standing there agree to volunteer.

Although disagreeing with Bronwyn, Waldreg states that they won’t survive this fight and should follow him to join the Adar. Many people join Waldreg, but Theo doesn’t follow him despite several attempts.

In Numenor, Isildur and Elendil get the ship to visit Middle-Earth. As Isildur faces rejection, he requests to be chosen as the volunteer to go. However, unconvinced with his words, Elendil denies his plead as he feels Isildur is not that committed to himself.

At the palace, Elendil’s daughter Darien tries to communicate with Pharazon as, like others, she is also against the mission. She encourages Pharazon’s son Kemen to support her in opposing the expedition.

At the Blacksmith’s shop, the Guards of Numenor’s Kingdom retrieve Halbrand and take him to Queen Regent Miriel, where he advises her about the enemy’s movements and where they can have a hand in the fight.

Compared to Galadriel’s words, Halbrand seems less interested in returning to Middle-Earth. Galadriel states that five ships and 500 people will journey to Southlands, but Halbrand won’t join as he doesn’t want to face responsibilities.

Back in the sinister forest in Middle-Earth, the Malva and Sadoc Burrows are attacked by the giant wolves after Nori observes them. Although, before anyone can harm Nori, The Stranger throws one away, which leaves a mark on his arm.

At the Numenor, Elendil and Galadriel watch the citizens get trained while Elendil suggests Galadriel tutor the volunteers. While Galadriel does so, Elendil notes that whoever successfully gets the training will be promoted to lieutenant.

Meanwhile, Kemen speaks to Pharazon and asks about opposing the expedition. Pharazon claims that when everything is over, it will be Elves who will receive orders from the Numenor Kingdom.

Pharazon hopes once Halbrand takes over the throne of the Numenor Kingdom, everything will come to the right place. While Pharazon is thinking about Numenor’s future but may be, he is a threat to come.

What are Queen Regent Miriel’s Plans? 

Queen Regent Miriel Image

In the palace tower, Queen Miriel talks to her father about the mission’s plan, and he warns her about the darkness awaiting her to arrive at Middle-Earth and tells her not to go there.

Nori observes that The Stranger’s arms are freezing in the Middle-Earth forest. Nori touches the Stranger, but her arm and hand also begin freezing. She feels terrified when The Stranger walks near her and the trees in the jungle make movements.

In Numenor, Isildur’s friend Ontamo speaks to Valandil and Isildur, while the latter asks them to take him to the Middle-Earth. After a brief beating, when Isildur offers Valandil free hits to his body, but Valandil refuses and states he can’t sacrifice something.

Ken sneaks on one of the Ship’s boards and tries to leak alcohol to start a fire. Isildur realizes Kemen’s efforts and hassles along with him. Although, Kemen’s lantern drops suddenly and causes fire on the boat. He is left stuck on the board, seeing which Isildur rescues him.

Witnessing the disaster on the ship, Galadriel tells Queen Regent Miriel that this is an attempt to stop her from accomplishing the victory. In Lindon, Celebrimbor apologizes to Elron for not unveiling Gil-galad’s true intention. Meanwhile, in Numenor, Galadriel asks Halbrand to attend the meeting with Queen Regent, to which he says he swore never to revisit Middle-Earth.

Waldren and his followers visit Adar’s camp, where Adar orders him to Kill Theo’s friend Rowan and bind him to the centre. Back at the Watchtower, Arondir trains Theo to shoot an arrow. Meanwhile, Theo decides about showing the Hilt to Arondir, which is a key to controlling the citizens of Southlands.

While Arondir feels prepared for the fight, Bronwyn thinks of surrendering to the Orcs leader Adar. Where is the fighting spirit of Bronwyn gone?

In Lindon, Durin realizes the fate of the Eleven race is now lying in his hands, for which he should speak to his father, King Durin 2.

Halbrand leaves his ancestral necklace, after which he marches with Elendil and Queen Regent Miriel, while Darien is distressed watching the situation. Elendil orders Isildur to report to the horse master concerning the table sweeping on one ship.

The army stands still when Galadriel boards the deck and approaches everyone to maintain unity. And at the end, the ship departs from Numenor to reach its destination.

Final Verdict: 

The Lord of the Rings Episode 5 seems to be shifting the pieces to a single place to make the most remarkable plot. We now have understood who is moving to Middle-Earth, but will they reach on time?

This episode also has cleared some political games in the Kingdom because Miriel should not blindly trust Pharazon. Hopefully, episode 6 will answer some of the questions that have popped into our minds about this episode


She-Hulk Episode 6 Breakdown: It’s She-Hulk Vs. Titania

She-Hulk Episode 6 Breakdown: It’s She-Hulk Vs. Titania

She Hulk Comic Poster

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 6 is finally streaming on Disney+ Hotstar; we will review its spoilers and precisely what happened when Titania lost the case, and Jennifer attended the wedding. So, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, this is the time you can catch it here!

She-Hulk Episode 6

is the third last episode of the season, which means six episodes are released, and the next three are in the pipeline. The season will wind up with nine episodes under the direction of Kat Corio and Anu Valia, with Jesica Gao as the primary writer. Kevin Feige, Brad Winderbaum, Louis D’Esposito, Gao and Coiro are the Executive producers.

The last episode ended with two big teases. The first was one in which Jennifer was given the extra clothes, and the second teased the return of Daredevil. Jennifer also defeated Titania in the courtroom, and once again, we saw Todd’s appearance. We will talk about it someday. For now, let’s talk about Episode 6.

So, the sixth episode of She-Hulk titled Just Jen starts with Jennifer Walters looking at the box in front of her. Seeing her name written on it, Jennifer opens it only to find an invitation card asking her to become a bridesmaid.

The wedding invitation is sent by Jennifer’s school best friend, Lulu. Nikki helps Jennifer to get dressed for the wedding, who will now get to work with Miss Mallory, as Jenn is going on a holiday to attend her friend’s wedding.

Dressed as She-Hulk, Jennifer visits her friend’s wedding avenue, which drags everyone’s attention. Seeing Jenn arriving as She-Hulk, her school friend Lulu asks her to attend the wedding as Jennifer Walter, as being a maid, Lulu wants everyone to only look at her. Jenn agrees to her request.

Although it was Jenn’s wish to be She-Hulk that day, who could turn a friend request, right?

Moving further, Miss Mallory discussed a divorce case with this client, Mr. Immortal. Here Nikki and Miss Mallory constantly suggest the client not to take divorce his wife, which infuriates him. He then jumps from their window and shocks everyone as he is left unchanged.

Doing so, Mr Immortal tries to show Mallory that he has committed suicide several times, which didn’t work out for him. While Jenn is unhappy at her friend’s wedding, Titania’s arrival shocks her completely.

What? Did Titania hit She-Hulk? 

While Jenn is puzzled by seeing Lulu’s behaviour, Jenn sits in a corner.

Soon one of the groom’s maids named Josh starts a conversation with Jenn interfering, and Lulu asks Jenn to clean the whole place as her wedding staff leaves her midway. On the other side, the divorce case of Mr Immortal is not benefiting him. While Miss Mallory offers him a solution but asks to pay a hefty amount, to which Mr Immortal agrees.

On the wedding day, while Jennifer enjoys the wedding, she is given a bunch of clothes for iron and a pet dog as her dance partner, which upsets her. At the divorce case meeting, Mr Immortal pays everyone who has faced losses because of him.

Being drunk at the wedding, Jennifer Walters speaks to Josh and tells him even if she is single; she is happy with her life, her job and the She-Hulk identity she possesses. After that, Jenn walks outside the wedding hall, where Titania asks her to become She-Hulk, attacks her, and throws a sucker punch on Jennifer after she vomits.

Both of them indulge in a fierce battle, but later, as Titania damages her teeth during the fight, she runs with the wedding cake, but that doesn’t stop the wedding from continuing happily.

A Big Conspiracy Awaits for She-Hulk! 

As we proceed with She-Hulk Episode 6, Mr. Immortal has won his divorce case. The same night Mallory and Nikki discuss, they soon see a storm on social media defaming She-Hulk with headlines- How to Kill She-Hulk?

Nikki suggests informing Jenn about the news, but Mallory stops her as the information can even discourage Jenn from becoming She-Hulk again.

But Nikki being Nikki drops a voice message for Jennifer and informs her about the death threats. Jennifer is not in her senses and having dinner with Josh.

Conversely, a secret lab prepares an advanced injection to test She-Hulk’s blood. It may be Titania who is behind this conspiracy, as she had earlier expressed her wish to become She-Hulk.

And this is where the sixth episode of She-Hulk titled Just Jenn concludes.

She Hulk In Image

She-Hulk Episode 6 Recap: Is Titania not the main Antagonist?

Like the last five episodes, this week’s episode of She-Hulk is also self-contained, as it mainly revolves around Jennifer tackling Titania at the wedding reception and Mr Immortal’s divorce case.

A continuous layer of dispute and tensions goes on between Titania and She-Hulk. Meanwhile, Titania introduces a mysterious character to the MCU, hinting toward the series’s primary antagonist.

As the show has passed through its midway mark, very few twists and turns are now left to unfold. The next episode will unveil the actual lousy guy who may consider him the real Hulk-king.

Although there will undoubtedly be some speculation about this mysterious character, it’s more likely a nod to the Leader. He has always described himself against Bruce Banner in the MCU and admired the stories connected to the Inteligencia.

The sixth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law seems to set up a major villain in the Marvel Comics Universe.

So, that’s all for today’s episode. For more such updates, stay tuned to our page. And, till the time we receive the next instalment of She-Hulk, tell us about your episode’s favourite moment in the comment section. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, catch it on the Disney+ platform releasing She-Hulk episodes every Thursday at 12:30 PM.