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When is Captain America New World Order Releasing?

Captain America 4 release date

The popular franchise Captain America is back with another sequel to the superhit film, and this time with a fresh approach. Marvel Studios has declared to release the movie in May 2024. However, the film’s production hasn’t begun yet, but guess what? Captain America New World Order will feature a surprising MCU return in its latest sequel. Yeah, that’s right. Now, we should wait to see who it is.

The news of the official title and release date were announced at Comic-Con, where the details of the cast were unveiled at the D23 Expo. So, Captain America 4 will enter Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, continuing its magical saga.

Earlier reports were that they would begin the production in April 2021, but the latest news from Marvel Studios confirms the film shoot to kick off in spring 2023. Given under the direction of Julius Onah, Captain America: New World Order Is being written by the famous duo Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson. And here is what we have covered for Captain America’s new world order release date, cast, song, trailer and more.

When is Captain America 4 Releasing? 

Captain America 4 release date

Captain America 4, titled Captain America New World Order, is set to hit theatres on 3rd May 2024. The shooting for the film will begin in Spring 2023, making it the penultimate film of phase 5. None other but Marvel Studio itself has confirmed the news.

However, we all know how long it takes for an MCU film to come over and make a larger-than-life impact on the audience. Thus, being a big-budgeted film, it won’t be easy for Marvel Studios to release Captain America New World Order within a year of its production.

Possibilities are the production house may shift the Captain America 4 release date. Although, nothing can be said confidently until and unless the production for the film begins and let’ ‘s hope we don’t get any news of the delay.

Who is Likely to Cast in Captain America 4? 

Marvel Studios has confirmed the Captain America 4 cast in its D23 Expo event held between 9th-11th September this year. According to the event’s announcement, Anthony Mackie will return to reprise his titular role of Captain America, aka Sam Wilson. Two other familiar faces are likely to join the Captain America 4 cast alongside himThese will be Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley and Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres.

Captain America New World Order will also see the return of Tim Blake Nelson as Dr Samuel Sterns. For your information, Dr Samuel is now transformed into a leader, and we might seem like foes of Captain America. Meanwhile, the other cast members include Shira Haas as Israeli Sabra and Harrison Ford as General Thaddeus.

Captain America 4 release date

Whether Chris Evans will reprise his role as Steve Rogers is a big question. Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe see the end of former Captain America, or do they have other plans for the character? I think time will tell the tale. As we have seen in the creation of multiverse sag in MCU, the possibilities are Captain America would go with the theme.

Besides, there are also rumours of Julia Louis Dreyfus returning as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. To what extent the news would come true can’t be defined either. But for once, can you shout out to our favourite Anthony Mackie for coming back as Captain America? Hell, Yes!

What Would be the Expected Plot of Captain America: New World Order? 

Unfortunately, Marvel Studios or the film cast hasn’t revealed any information regarding Captain America 4 plot. Therefore, we do not have any official confirmation on the plot details. Still, seeing the crossover cast, It feels like the film will continue the storyline of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s events. In the movie, we saw some of the plots were left midway through, which this new sequel may pick up. Zemo was shown alive in the prison while Sharon Carton was seen turning the devil this time. But who exactly is the Captain America 4 villain, which city will face the wrath and if we are to know any multiverse twist are questions Marvel Studios left unanswered. However, we won’t have to wait for the plot confirmation for too long; this information will be delivered soon.

In November 2021, Marvel Studios showed a glimpse of a fantastic arc that’ll precisely be the show’s underdog. He is neither an avenger, a super soldier, or 100 years old. Thus, watching what the creative team does with the character would be interesting. Indeed, he has wings and a shield, but he is a guy!

One fundamental thing we can say about the plot is- it is built around Sam Wilson, who will be seen practising to be a good leader. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he is seen as a supporter of his team; this time, he is a team leader. So, what difference will this change in Sam’s position creates in the story? Wait for the Captain America 4 release date. 

Is Captain America 4 Trailer Released? 

The Captain America 4 trailer still needs to be released by Marvel Studios. As the Captain America New World Disorder filming will begin next year, we can’t expect the trailer to release before December 2023.

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