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The 2023’s Oscar Best Actor Winner Brendan Fraser Net Worth Proves, The Whale Star Enjoys a Staggering Success! – Popgeek

Ok, so you readers here! Probably you must have read about Brendan Fraser’s Oscar Best Actor Award win recently. Yes, truth to be told, Brendan Fraser, starring in the psychological drama The Whale, has just won the gold statue for being the Best Actor in the leading role in Darren Aronofsky’s movie, released in 2022. And since he has emerged victorious many of his fans like you are browsing the internet to get more info on the reel and real-life info of the actor, producer, and eagled-eyed photographer. This included Brendan Fraser net worth (since everybody has an eye on his money), Brendan Fraser wife (because the actor is world famous for his alimony saga), and Brendan Fraser’s movies and awards, and achievements. So, let’s begin discussing the juiciest information we have about The Whale Star. 

Brendan Fraser is an American actor, producer, and voice actor mainly known for appearing in films like The Mummy Franchise, George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Dudley Do Night, and now on The Whale is also counted among his popular movies. He was one of the highest-paid actors in the 1990s and used to earn $10 million to $15 million per movie. 

brendan fraser net worth

Over his career tenure, Brendan has earned 70 acting credits and countless critical reviews for his impeccable performances. Speaking on Brendan Fraser net worth, the actor keeps a net worth of $20 million in 2023. But there is much more you should know about the actor’s money and personal life happenings. We are sure you will read every line with surprises.  

What is Brendan Fraser Net Worth Today? How Is So Rich Today? 

Brendan Fraser net worth equals $20 million as of 2023, mainly drawn from his 90s movies that made banks at Box Office. Yes, you would be wondering if Brendan had started his career in the 90s; how come his 2023 net worth is only $20 million? Well, it’s the actor’s conflicts with his wife that his acting career was halted thoroughly. 

Excluding his past few films, such as The Whale, The Secret of Karma, etc., where Brendan has done pretty well, it’s been quite a while since we saw him creating the same magic onscreen. All thanks to his social media fans, which have propelled the actor to make a strong comeback, get back his film projects, and the much-needed recognition he was craving all the while. 

brendan fraser wife

Want to know how much Brendan Fraser net worth, as well as his movie earnings, was when the actor took back to screens in previous years? Scroll down the table below- 

YearsNet Worth
Brendan Fraser Net Worth in 2023$25 million
Brendan Fraser Net Worth in 2022$23 million
Brendan Fraser Net Worth in 2021$21 million
Brendan Fraser Net Worth in 2020$19 million
Brendan Fraser Net Worth in 2019$18 million  

Brendan Fraser Salary Per Movie –

Though it’s reported that Brendan Fraser used to earn $10 million-$15 million per movie in his 90s, here is a complete detail of his actual pay per movie.

Movie NameSalary
The Scout Brendan$1.5 Million
The Mummy Franchise$4 Million
The Dudley Do Right$4 Million
Bedazzled$10 Million
Furry Vengeance$10 Million  
Extraordinary Measures$1 Million

Brendan Fraser Biography, Age, Height, Parents, Education, and More

NameBrendan Fraser
ProfessionActor, Producer, Voice Actor
Birth PlaceIndiana, United States
Birth Date3rd December 1968
                          Brendan Fraser Height6’3 Inches

Brendan Fraser celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of December every year. As of March 2023, Brendan Fraser age is calculated to be 54 years. He was born to Peter Fraser and Carol Mary in the Indian United States in 1968. He is the fourth son of his Canadian parents and has three siblings, Kevin, Reagan, and Sean, who are older than him. Brendan always shared a good bond with his family spending most of his childhood with them. But since he worked in America, he often used to travel in the two countries, Canada and America, to balance his time with his family. Brendan Fraser holds dual citizenship in Canada and America. 

brendan fraser children

As far as his education is concerned, The Whale Star’s education is ambiguous, as Brendan has completed his academics with different institutions. He pursued his high school education at Upper Canada College and later enrolled in the Cornish College of Arts to pursue his passion for acting. 

What Do We Know About Brendan Fraser Movies and Television Career? 

Brendan made his lead actor debut starring in the 1992 Encino Man and, thereby, in School Ties. Two years later, in 1994, Brendan did many film and television projects, including The Scout, With Honors, In the Army Now, etc. 

While appearing in these prominent roles, Brendan gained recognition in the stars and story world and began landing one role after another. The Whale star and now an Oscar Best Actor Award winner for the movie appeared in various well-known movies, including George of the Jungle, Gods, and Monsters, Dudley Do-Right, The Mummy Franchise, Bedazzled, Furry Vengeance, Extraordinary Measures, No Sudden Move, The Secret of Karma, Line of Descent, The Poison Rose and much more. 

brendan fraser movies

Brendan Fraser made his television debut in an episode of America’s Most Wanted, aired in 1998. He played the friend of a murder victim in the episode. The other popular television projects that made him an in-demand actor in the entertainment industry included- The Simpsons, Kings of the Hills, The Affair, Professionals, Titans, Condor, Trust, Nightcap, Texas Rising, and so on. 

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Brendan has also produced a movie, Breakout, released in 2013. The films and television series where Brendan Fraser has served as an executive producer are The Last Time, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Furry Vengeance, Curiosity, Stand Off, Breakout, and Professionals. There is 2004 television series named Scrubs for which an episode of Brendan Fraser served in the Art Department. 

All the television and film work Brendan Fraser served as an actor, producer, and voice actor has considerably added to his profile and staggering net worth he owns in 2023. 

Who is Brendan Fraser Wife? How Many Children Does Brendan Fraser Have Today? 

Brendan Fraser wed actress Afton Smith on 27th September 1998 after dating her for five years. Brendan Fraser children, the actor has with Afton, are Griffin, Holden, and Leland. The couple and the children live happily in Beverly Hills until and unless irreconcilable differences separated Brendan and Afton in 2007. In 2008 Brendan and Afton officially divorced each other, after which Brendan had to pay $75000 monthly as alimony and child support. 

brendan fraser salary per movie

Although after 2008, when Brendan began losing his million-dollar income because of personal conflicts that affected his career, he filed a petition in court to reduce the alimony amount to $50000, to which the court agreed. And by 2019, when Brendan’s monthly expenses exceeded his income, his alimony payment ended either way, whereas child support payment continued until his youngest son turned 18. 

Awards and Achievements of Brendan Fraser 
  • Recently Brendan Fraser won the 95TH Academy Awards for Best Actor in the Leading Role for his film The Whale. 
  • Brendan’s lead role in his film has earned various nods and won titles, including the Critics Choice Award, Critics Association of Central Florida Awards, CinEuphoria Awards, Chicago Indie Critics Awards, Capri, Hollywood, and much more. 
  • Brendan won the Golden Space Needle Award in 1997 for his role in Still Breathing. 
  • In 2006, Brendan received the Canada Walk of Fame. 
  • In 2006, Brendan Fraser shared the Best Acting Ensemble Critics Choice Awards with his Crash Cast. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Who is Brendan Fraser wife today?

Since Brendan parted ways with his wife, Afton Smith, he never married anyone; thus, his marital status is unmarried. 

  • What is Brendan Fraser eye color?  

Brendan Fraser’s eye color is blue, and his hair color is brown. 

  • What are the upcoming movies of Brendan Fraser?

The Brendan Fraser movies where you can see him in significant roles include Batgirl, Brothers, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Behind the Curtain of Night.  

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