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Best Movies of Michael Bay Ranked From Worst to Best- Popgeek

Best Movies of Michael Bay

Stuck at home and wanna expend your time doing some coolest Michael Bay movies? Yeah, Yeah. It’s okay; you can be honest here. Even we don’t prefer putting off those cleaning projects on holidays. Hell, yes! If you ask our artists, they have some awesome Sunday plans with their snacks, couch, and all-time favorite Michael Bay series. And guess what? To ensure they stream something really good, they have even cracked a list of Michel Bay films ranked from worst to best. Sound interesting? 

So, do you want to be blessed enough to grab their quirky list? If so, here is an index you must enfold and make your days as outstanding as possible. Now don’t wait any further; tally this list of Michael Bay films and get to know what this lovable filmmaker has in store for you. 

Top Michael Bay Movies To Stream When Stuck At Home 

So, Michael Bay is a divisive Hollywood figure who pops into one’s eyes with his directional skills. We are not lying. Michael Bay is one of those rare filmy geeks who has given some million-dollar films to the entertainment hub. Here we are diving into his film career stock, #onlyforyouguys, to help you enjoy your time while you are stuck at home. So you better cancel your expensive holiday plans, get your coffee and stick till we aren’t done. 

  • The Transformers Franchise 
Michael Bay movies

The Transformers franchise was one of the Hollywood behemoths that began to falter after the first film hit the screens. Despite the sequels to the film improved in direction, it thoroughly failed to boggle the viewer’s minds. Not one, not two, but multiple missteps have prevented the disguised robots from leaving an enriching impact. They were virtual similarities made almost dodged a bullet for us to distinguish between them. 

What could be a cherry on the cake is the overloaded visual effect that confused the streamers about what exactly was happening with the film. Transformers was one big franchise; you should not hop on this Christmas. Ok! Guys, that’s enough to describe how we felt about the Transformers franchise. Now let’s move to the next. 

  • Pearl Harbor (2001)
Michael Bay movies

Ok! It may hurt to read on but Pearl Harbor was the first quirky failure of Michael Bay. Now, why we’re saying it quirky is because the American romantic war drama film collected $449.2 million and even won multiple Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Mixing. Strange>>>>>>>.

Yes, it’s the critic’s opinion based on which we’re quoting the movie as a big failure. Watching the film it feels like Michael could have done a better job with the direction. Thousands of casualties with the film and the extended battle violence are just being awry. Pearl Harbor made less money than Michael’s previous mega-budgeted film Armageddon. Of course, we aren’t sympathizing with the film. Watch all the melodrama and the weird love triangle, and you’ll agree with what critics said about Pearl Harbor. 

  • Armageddon (1998)
Best Movies of Michael Bay

Hmm! Armageddon is one of those Michael Bay movies whose large portion of success attributes to the Aerosmith song it played. It is a beautiful film, but some horrible ham performances overshadowed the storyline. Precisely, Michael should have taken care of that. 

But overall, Armageddon is a pure escapism fun that stars Bruce Willis as Harry Stamper, who must take his group into space to drill a hole and deposit a nuclear device into the apocalyptic asteroid to blast it apart prior it reaches earth and eradicate the human race. Liv Harry’s daughter shares a love angle with A.J., played by Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck, respectively. The melodrama built around these characters is quite impressive. One of the best movies of Michael Bay, Armageddon is a memorable watch any stunt movie lover will enjoy. 

  • Pain and Gain (2013)
Best Movies of Michael Bay

Pain and Gain is another American action-comedy movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie in leading roles. A Michael Bay direction film, Pain and Gain, bears many similarities to the director’s other movies. Kidnapping, action, drama, and three bodybuilders, and it’s going to be fun for the trio. 

Daniel and his friends Doyle and Adrian kidnap a wealthy businessman to demand a lumpsum amount from his family. But their scheme needs to be corrected owing to their foolishness. The Pain and Gain cast of Mark, Dwayne, and Anthony is the prime highlight of this dark comedy. They bring much-needed comedy and confidence to the screen to keep us hooked to our seats. It’s a pumped-up and entertaining film that emerges as one of the best movies of Michael Bay in our collection so far. 

  • Bad Boys Series
Best Movies of Michael Bay

A buddy cop action-comedy film series, Bad Boys, is counted on those Michael Bay series that brings violence, fun, and drama for the whole family. Will Smith, Joe Pantoliano, Theresa Randle, Tea Leoni, Scott Cumberbatch, and John Salley leave you laughing your heart out? It’s definitely an OMG movie for us. What an excellent performance, people! The way Michael has followed the plot is commendable. The timings and the jokes are on point. We recommend you watch this series if you are a fan of Michael Bay’s works. 

  • The Rock (1996)
Best Movies of Michael Bay

The Rock is a first-rate classic action movie with many styles and little humor. Despite some boring scenes, the movie’s progress from one action sequence to another makes The Rock shines as an actioner. 

Smart dialogues, humor, tension, action, and jam-packed excitement what else do you demand from a movie? We recommend you count on The Rock if you want action and entertainment. Save your time for the most realistic car-chasing scenes. Every character’s performance is so clear that you are left with no choice than ranking it among the best movies of Michael Bay. 

  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)
Best Movies of Michael Bay

Last but not least, 13: Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi delivers a short, focused film. Directed by Michael Bay, 13 hours is an intense war drama that follows the terrorist attack by Islamist militants on an American diplomatic facility in Libya. 

The story emphasizes a team of military contractors assigned to protect the CIA. John Krasinski and James Badge Dale are the most prominent characters in 13 Hours. Michael Bay tightens a noose around the characters in such a way they deliver a visceral experience. 

Ok! So that’s enough for today! Thank you for staying till we unfold our Michael Bay movies collection, and we hope you have picked your favorites. What for are you waiting now? Just drop your expensive sunglasses and screen the films of Michael Bay now. Thanks, us later! 

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