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Best Horror Anime Series And Movies With a Chilling Atmosphere And Suspenseful Storylines – Popgeek

In the era where live-action anime has completely drawn Otakus to the screens and is receiving worldwide recognition, the best horror anime dramas are still finding their way to get noticed. Of course, you can say you have watched a few action anime that have left you scary on your couch, but we guess you haven’t watched a real horror yet. The real horror anime that takes your breath out and creates nerve-wracking suspense are true masterpieces.

With a chilling atmosphere and horrifying characters, these anime often makes you scream in front of the screens. So, are you intrigued to watch some extra freaky horror dramas? If you answer yes, here is a list of the terrifying anime movies and tv shows you should not watch alone. Although, if you did grab your blanket, ensure you don’t turn off the lights. You are now going to deep diver into a world where nothing seems scary, but it is. 

Top 10 Best Horror Anime Series and Movies Every Horror Anime Fan Can Enjoy 

Below is a short list of some of the best horror anime movies and series ever. Although the quantity of the horrors is a little short, the quality is always great. 

1. Happy Sugar Life (TV Series 2018) 

IMDB- 6.4 

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Video 

 happy sugar life

Satou Matsuzaka experiences a sweet feeling when she sleeps with someone she likes. It might be that she is in love. Satou thinks everything is fair in love and war. Everything she does can be forgiven to protect this sweet feeling, whether tricking a person, committing a crime, stealing, or even killing someone who ignores her feelings. Happy Sugar Life is a psycho-horror story that deals with dark themes and ironic plots featuring an edgy teen crossing limits for the sake of her unrealized emotions. Being a die-hard fan of horror anime stories, Happy Sugar Life didn’t scare us to that extraordinary level, but it’s a good recommendation for beginners. 

2. Berserk (TV Series 1997-1998) 


Where to Watch – Netflix 

 best horror anime

The gut is a talented swordsman who joins The Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by charismatic Griffith. He fights with the forces as they take their battle into the royal court. One of the best horror anime series of the 90s, Berserk introduces you to some interesting characters and a vast amount of violence that might shock you like hell. If you have ever liked scary live actions and enjoy the magic of classic fights, Berserk is one to count on. 

3. Perfect Blue (Movie 1997)

IMDB- 8.0

Where to Watch – Zoro

best anime horror

A pop singer sacrifices her career to pursue her passion for acting. Although, she soon gets insane after an obsessed fan stalks her, who is a ghost from her past. Perfect Blue is a 1997 Japanese psychological horror anime movie directed by Satoshi Kon. The anime thriller has a strong asset in its story. The plot is well-paced in its horror tone, being wonderfully realistic. The music and ideas in each scene are presented in such a way that, at the moment, it also haunted us. We fell in love with the characters, especially of MIMA, whose expressions gave us goosebumps. She gave us the feeling that she was sitting somewhere around us and all that haunting events were happening beside us. 

4. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012)

IMDB- 5.5 

Where to Watch- (Check it on YouTube)  

best horror anime movies

The friends Kaori, Erika, and Aki are on a trip to celebrate their upcoming college life when a sudden mysterious walking fish compels them to re-evaluate everything they care about if they want to stay alive. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack is much more enjoyable in its way. There are few plot changes, but few scenes document the same moments mentioned in the manga. The weird fish was creepy and made us dread both versions. The horrifying odor created to foul Kaori gave us something intense to remember for days. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack is the nastiest horror every anime fan must watch this weekend. We are sure you will scream in your blanket. 

5. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (Movie 2000) 

IMDB- 7.6 

Where to Watch- Amazon Prime Video 

best horror anime series

When Vampire Meier abducts a young woman, her father contracts Hunter D and the Markus Brothers to race and retrieve his daughter. As the heroes begin their quest to find the girl, they suspect she might have left his family willingly to become the Vampire’s bride. Vampire Hunter D is the best sequel to the 1993’s classic Vampire Hunter D, released in 1993. The terrifying monsters and death scenes in Bloodlust make it much more difficult to watch the film alone, but they are a sure-shot visual treat for any horror Otakus. We have enjoyed Bloodlust and recommend you stream with your gutsy friends who can face the gnarly monsters without fear. 

6. Seoul Station (Movie 2016) 

IMDB- 7.6 

Where to Watch- Amazon Prime Video 

seoul station

Amid a zombie pandemic, a rough-looking homeless guy with bleeding neck wounds finds shelter at Seoul Station. People around him are ignoring him; he slowly succumbs to his lethal drama and passes away. But destiny has some other plans for him. He returns as a ravenous, reanimated corpse, making it hell for everyone as he attacks and spreads his disease everywhere. Fortunately, three lucky survivors battle the odds and reunite. However, their fight s just a trailer of the unforeseen epidemic. With all hopes already lost, they mistakenly know the walking dead are the only monsters there. 

One of the best horror anime movies, Seoul Station, creates an effective atmosphere of growing paranoia and fear. The tension built around the deadly attacks has haunted us enough to get inside the blanket. With interesting twists, a dark climax, and an engaging ending, this post-apocalyptic anime movie is the best anime horror in this list. 

7. Bio Hunter (Movie 1995)

IMDB- 7.6 

bio hunter

A 1995 best horror anime Bio Hunter is about an enemy within. Only one man can control it, but he might lose to the demon. Two scientists distribute the cure for a demon virus. But things go awry when one of the scientists is infected. Thankfully he hasn’t lost his senses. He attempts to fight the enemy within him while saving the lives of people threatened by the virus. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Bio Hunter sees human bodies ripping into shreds and bloodshed from open throats. A hyper-violent and hyper-sexual film, this horror anime movie makes the best experience for horror anime fans. For the moment, Bio Hunter is unavailable at any OTTs; as soon as it returns to any streaming service, we will ensure to keep you in the loop. 

8. King Of Thorn (Movie 2009) 

IMDB- 6.3 

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll 

king of thorn

A virus begins to affect the Earth’s population and threatens humanity. Only a group of lucky survivors who are cryogenically frozen can save all. Although, as the group attempts to find the cure, they are soon trapped in a horrifying situation. Only seven have survived after the cold sleep, and they must find out how it all happened and how they can protect everyone. King of Thorn combines traditional and 3D animation to incorporate awe-inspiring action sequences. The animation work done for detailing characters and creatures is a wow element of this horror story. As we are very picky with anime watchlists, considering our elated reaction, you must also watch King of Thorn for a scary experience. 

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9. Empire of Corpses (TV Series 2016) 

IMDB- 6.0 

Where to Watch- Vudu 

empire of corpses

Watson has violated the law of reanimating human corpses. As a result of this attempt, either he must choose to work for the government or face the repercussions. He is tasked to go on a secret mission to find the notes of Viktor Frankenstein, the first person to reanimate human corpses. Empire of Corpses is a perfect visual treat for Gothic horror lovers that takes them on an estranged steampunk adventure. One of the best horror anime, Empire of Corpses, brings an enjoyable plot, mind-boggling adventures, and a good ending that gives a whole new perspective to Frankenstein. 

10. Ghost Stories (TV Series 2000-2001)

IMDB- 8.0

ghost stories

Ghost Stories is one of the best horror anime series we were crazy about in childhood. A group of school kids and a cat fight the ghosts in their neighborhood. The story is filled with adult humor and haunted places we felt like running from. The dialogues are witty at the same time. The ongoing banter between Satsuki and Hajime is just a treat to watch. We remember entering the rumored haunting corners of our school in childhood and watching the ghost stories felt like we were taken back to that. It is the best horror anime you must watch with your best buds and popcorn. Until you reach the last episode, you will have tears falling down your cheeks. No, it’s not emotional, but a little funny, scarier, and scarier. Watch at your own risk. 

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