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Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review: Is Sam Worthington Starrer Worth Watching?

Avatar: The Way of Water

Directed by: James Cameron

Written by: James Cameron

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Stephen Lang

Runtime: 190 minutes

Avatar: The Way of Water

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Avatar The Way of Water

James Cameron finally did it! We didn’t expect him to take Avatar The Way of Water above and beyond our thoughts, but he did. And, finally, we have a larger-than-life Avatar sequel. The Avatar 2 full movie is the second instalment of the preplanned film series.

Over the 13 years of wait, the anticipation for the film has been insane. For the past thirteen years, we have had multiple leaks from the Avatar sequel, including the cast names, trailer, and much more. Although, this act of spammers caused no harm to the movie and instead set people’s standards much higher. Alongside the massive cliffhanger at the end scenes of Avatar 2, an acclaimed cast from the first Avatar film returned to reprise their roles. For many fans, this Avatar film means exploring a new underwater world, more friends, allies and a foe everyone is unaware of.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar The Way of Water begins 13 years after the events of the first Avatar film with Jake Sully, Neytiri and their five children living a peaceful life at Pandora. While things on the alien planet go smoother, the return of the film’s villains creates an awry situation for the Navis. Jake, Neytiri, and the Navi clan find themselves being attacked on all sides, with the Sully family being forced to take shelter at the Metkayina Navi tribe and protect their acquaintance.

When it’s about an Avatar film, this gets more-hard to discuss as the sequel is one giant spoiler movie for us. But we won’t give away anything and recommend watching it in theatres. With that said, we think Avatar 2 full movie pays off spectacularly. Whether carrying a huge cast or streaming some mind-boggling visual effects, James Cameron has given us what we wanted to see in Pandora 2.0.

While initially, the film was built around Jake Sully and his family, their performances never let us feel self-contained. Not a single moment seems like James is playing safe. His strategy was slowly developing the characters and finding loopholes as they travelled between two worlds in Pandora. Of course, we knew the creative team was building up to the breathtaking sequences. We had to go through Kiri and Spider’s development to explore more of them in the next three Avatar sequels. Finally, the moment has come every Avatar fan has been curiously waiting for.

Avatar: The Way of Water

After Colonel lost the fight and Jake officially turned into a Navi, we knew major battles in Avatar 2 would follow. The first half and climax scenes made us think as if everyone would turn against the Sully family, but thankfully the Metkayina Navi tribe supported them in the fight. Those scenes were effective enough to give a sense of realism earlier discussed in the Avatar Pandora comics. Avatar: The Way of Water has smartly shown us how continuing the fight has harmed the Sully family but also the whole Navi tribes they are associated to an extent.

We loved to see Kiri, Neteyam and all the Sully kids playing their part well while they went through various bizarre situations. To be honest, we saw Jake Sully as a true saviour in Avatar 2 full movie. His hardships throughout the film were handled well. The moment when the sky-people returned and attacked Pandora blew our minds. Also, James’s decision to bring back the same actors must be appreciated.

The different situations the Sully family is in are extremely creative and entertaining that we were left with no option than hooking to the seats. All the incidents result from the first Avatar film, whose ending didn’t surprise us. That didn’t mean the finale wasn’t satisfying, but it was predictable. Without revealing anything further, Avatar The Way of Water has rightly given the conclusions it deserves while also managing the different elements throughout the film.

We’re impressed with the movie’s choices with its mature scenes and heavy moments. To name a few, Avatar 2 offers a clear story going all over the place. It feels like James Cameron always knew the correct routes to grow the plotline. Thirteen years are enough to pleasantly develop the characters and stories that continue with an already established plotline. Not deteriorating Spider’s character was another smart move of Avatar 2. Through a completely magical planet and creative writing, Avatar The Way of Water combines everything that empowers nothing but Avatars.

We also clapped on bringing in cast from the first Avatar film. Thankfully, it had a research lab that could experiment with existing characters. Miles Quaritch Colonel’s character is one great example that precisely justifies itself because of the past Avatar movie. We are not kidding, but we enjoyed learning about Kiri and Colonel’s avatar formation. Suspense like these we always wanted for the film to reveal, and when you watch them on screens, they are extremely surreal.

Avatar: The Way of Water

If you’re assuming that was enough fanservice from James Cameron, you wait for the next three Avatar sequels. Without spoiling anything, we didn’t expect we would watch a science-fiction-like this in our life. From the dialogues and conversations to the transformation of humans into Avatars, this sequel feels like one of your random dreams coming true.

With Avatar 2 Hollywood movie comprising so many thrilling elements, We manifest this Avatar sequel as one masterpiece we were rooting for. The rules they build on how the humans transform into Avatars are crystal clear. Right from the beginning, we were so invested that we are pleased to live a life where a science-fiction-like Avatar feels real.

Also, the way end-credit scenes made us theories is one should stick by them. To sum it all up, we had a great time watching Avatar The Way of Water, which establishes Jake Sully and Neytiri as the primary protagonists. Whether you are a fan of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana or Kiri, there is something here for each Avatar fan to enjoy over popcorn.

Go and watch the movie in the theatres. It’s a movie you should not miss.

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