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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer Puts the Player’s Life at Stake

Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer

Haro Aso’s famous manga series, Alice in Borderland, releases its Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer showcasing a continuation of the twists and turns of the most deadly game ever. Alice in Borderland chronicles the story of Tokyo residents randomly picked and transported to a world called Borderland.

The players must play the set of deadly games if they want to return to their world. In the first season of Alice in Borderland, we saw Ryonel Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi diving deeper into the rabbit hole, and the story wrapped on a cliffhanger with the two main protagonists.

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Other than this pair, two other characters survived the game who are Shuntaro Chishiya and Hikari Kuina, played by Nijiro Murakami and Aya Asahina, respectively. The life-and-death game throws players into a world of conflicts and chaos through a playing card whose number displays the game’s difficulty level. In the end, only the face card missions are completed, and it seems like the next rounds will be more deadly.

The season finale revealed one of the game masters known as the beach and Mira as the Queen of Hearts while declaring the game’s continuation with another season. Read more on Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer, release date, and everything to know. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer: Recap 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer

Alice in Borderland season trailer defines an upcoming revelation of the character’s backstories. Ryonel Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi grow stronger this time while they clash with the antagonists. The official trailer opens with a sky-view where the flying balloons display the Heart of Kings, which means all the levels of the survival game are completed, and the remaining three stages are left to play.

The only difference this game sees is the location change. In Alice in Borderland season 1, the Tokyo players are thrown on a wrecked island, and in the second season, a dystopian city waits to tell their destiny. The increasing threat around the players compels them to question the game’s existence. And what comes the biggest revelation is the game masters who earlier acted as the game’s participants. Hmm! Things are going to be awry for the players.

Participants who played along as game masters saved their lives while others were killed cruelly for their attempt to expose the truth to the other players. After 24 seconds, we see the players running away from a masked man shooting anyone at his will with an assault rifle. Don’t know why on earth the masked assailant is after their lives.

When everyone is in question, Usagi finally says it- Once the borderline is crossed, there’s no leaving. You can only join the game. This explains to the players that they don’t have any choice in the game than playing for survival. They cannot exit the borderland until and unless they win it or else die in the process.

All Hail the Game Masters! 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer

As we go along the Alice in Borderland season 2 trailer, the players engage and attack each other in multiple games. Some are saved, some are dead, and that’s how it is. Finally, the game masters greet the survivors in the shipping yard. You can sigh in relief. Now the game masters supervise the game. The players who have reached the shipping yard are the ones with the final cards, and now only they can participate in the next rounds that await them.

As the official trailer video of Alice in Borderland season 2 progresses, it treats a glimpse of the character’s backstories. Yeah, their past revelation. A passionate Usagi asks Alice whether she enjoyed the old world that much while the pair shares an intense scene. A glimpse from Usagi’s past shows her hastening from a bomb blast and boosting Usagi’s morale further.

The next clip brings another revelation of Chisiya’s former identity as a doctor who calmly decodes the situation either if it costs staking someone else’s life. Did you wonder what has led a lifesaving doctor to become cruel?

As the trailer progresses, Ann’s backstories also come to the forefront when she indulges in an encounter with Aguni. Yes, the same guy we thought was dead. All these backstories greatly influence what the present characters have become in the game; that’s deadlier now.

The Last Strike of the Game 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 trailer

This is the last strike of the game- it shows the Alice in Borderland season 2 trailer. A new character in the new season seems to be torturing the participants to hell. He can be the one behind everything. The footage then opens a violent game scene where the players are hellbent on saving their lives, either allying with or deceiving one another for survival.

With the game’s last strike comes the game’s final avenue. In the end scenes of the Alice in Borderland season 2 trailer, the participants push their limits to win the deadly race. Mira, one of the game masters, greets the characters of the game’s final avenues. Now, who would die and who would survive remains a mystery.

The Alice in Borderland season 2 trailer showcases breathtaking actions while also revealing the tragic backstories of the players. The trailer left us with many questions, but we shall wait for the season to answer them.

Alice in Borderland season 2 premieres on 22nd December 2022 on Netflix. Watch the official trailer and season 2 of Alice in Borderland to release in two days, and do share your experience with us. Subscribe to the page to continue receiving hot spoilers from your favorite shows, web series, and movies on Popgeek.

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