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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Review: Netflix’s Puzzle Show Exposes a Bloody Gameplay Reality

Alice in Borderland season 2

The exhilarating but thrilling ride of the aimless players finally ends after they compete in a series of sadistic games to survive. Yes, we’re talking about Alice in Borderland season 2. Netflix’s manga series Alice in Borderland’s second season calls a wrap after a run of eight deadly episodes. Post the success of Alice in Borderland season 1, taking the breathless story to an extended level wasn’t easy for show creators. But Shinsuke Sato made that idea come to life and made the whole process look realistic. 

Alice in Borderland season 2

Of course, people had to resemble the series with the awry Squid Games, but was it even needed? Ok, if it happened, but Alice in Borderland season 2 anime is even beyond what one was expecting out of the series. Premiering on 22nd December 2022, the second season of Alice in Borderland knocks leaves the Squid Games back in the rat race. Want to continue with Popgeek’s review? Do subscribe to the page. 

More Tragedies, Action, and Bloodshed Follows Alice in Borderland Season 2 

Alice in Borderland season 2

Alice in Borderland season 2 continues the story of a handful of strangers pitted against each other following a series of deadly games. Filled with twists, betrayals, and emotional hardships, Alice in Borderland season 2 anime picks up the events after season 1. The remaining game survivors, Arisu, Usagi, Chishiya, Ann, Kuina, and Tatta, now need to push their limits, play the face cards game, unmask the master of the bloody game eventually get back to their real world. 

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To begin with the performances, Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya excel as Arisu and Usagi. All other remaining survivors and the new Alice in Borderland season 2 cast are good in their respective roles. Their expressions and body languages were realistic, and no moment felt surreal. 

And this time, things are different in Alice in Borderland. This time the second season has also emphasized the player’s emotional arc, revealing their backstories while simultaneously throwing them into the dystopian survival game. Created by Shinsuke Sato, the second season of Alice in Borderland follows more tragedies, action, jaw-dropping stunts, and bloodshed in its eight episodic series. After Arisu, Usagi, Ann, Chishiya, Kuina, and Tatta survive the destruction of Beach; they are required to survive the final round, unveiling the king-maker and exiting the Borderland. 

What further follows is the players running to death to save their lives from King of Spades, who, out of nowhere, arrived at the Borderland and began shooting everyone. Maximum players fail to escape the shooter’s bullets and die in the process; the other side Arisu, Usagi, Ann, Tatta, Chishiya, and Kuina, enters the next round and hassles hard to prevent the criminal human here. 

Alice in Borderland season 2

The squad of Alice in Borderland season 2 constantly enters the gaming rounds, which are far more brutal this time. As far as the screenplay is concerned, that’s also awe-inspiring and fits well with the story sequences. There are moments where writing takes a backseat, and the characters outplay the scenes. 

In contrast with Alice in Borderland season 1, season 2 brings more scope of an intense-filled drama where the new and existing players reminisce their backstories. All eight episodes have saved enough space to document the character’s emotional journey of love, betrayal, heartbreaks, and victories. 

The adorable Kuina, Chishiya, Aguni, and Ann have delivered spectacular performances in their respective roles. Frames featuring them were so captivating that you are left with no choice rather than rooting for these ultimate players. It’s only the show’s runtime that’s tiring. Even if Shinsuke Sato needs to add the drama quotient, he should not exceed the episode length by one hour. Episode number 3rd and 7th were quite satisfying, subject to the episode duration, emotional appeal, and other thrilling elements. Everything in these two installments was balanced well. 

Although, the story’s climax seems less interesting and lacks to conclude well, bringing a downturn in the plotline. But if we look at the wider picture, Alice in Borderland season 2. The game formats are absolutely intelligent, thrilling, and emotional simultaneously. If you are a fan of these borderland sets, we are sure you will also love Alice in Borderland season 2. Individually or collectively, all characters perform well in the dystopian universe. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2: What Scores for Music and Other Creatives? 

Alice in Borderland season 2

Speaking about the music and other creative elements in Alice in Borderland season 2, Yutaka Yamada has made every effort to add a thrilling quotient to the games. Be it the background sound or music amps; the Japanese composer leaves no stone unturned for Alice in Borderland season 2.  Taro Kawazu’scinematography has also improved with the second season of AIB, resulting in more realistic scenes in the series. 

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