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7 Best Musical Movies Every Toddler Must Watch

7 best musical movies

Musical films hold paramount importance in cinemas, theatres and the lives of those lovely toddlers who watch them with huge interest. Not only do these films serve as a medium of entertainment but also as a great source of encouragement and empathy. The plus point of these films is their family-friendly nature, making them the all-time best musical movies one can even stream with their parents. Sounds pleasant. Yeah, you won’t believe it, but Hollywood cinema has made such masterpieces that leave a profound effect on its viewer’s minds who contemplate it well.

Thus, with so many good qualities of musical films, why don’t you be the one to watch them like a hawk? Oh! Are you wondering what are the best musical movies of all time you should pick first? Well, if that’s the concern, don’t worry. Today, with this blog, I’m compiling a shortlist of musical movies you can binge to cheer your vacations. No further delay, guys, and let’s dive into those captivating stories now.

7 best musical movies Every Toddler Must Watch 

Check this list of iconic movies for children and add them to your watchlist today.


7 best musical movies

Frozen is a 2013 animated American musical fantasy film inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. While I talk about the 7 best musical movies, Frozen is the first that pops into my mind. Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen is a tale of two princesses, Anna and Elsa of Arendelle ( a fictional Nordic kingdom), where the latter is blessed with some magical powers to entreat ice and snow. On one sudden night, Elsa hurts Anna by heaving ice and freezes the whole kingdom.

After becoming a sorceress, Elsa flees from her home to live on her terms, whereas Anna follows her sister to bring her back. While on her journey, Anna encounters Olaf ( a magical snowman), Kirstoff (ice-seller), and Sven (a reindeer). Frozen has some captivating visuals, good music and a strong story that teaches us having a feisty streak is a valuable feature everyone should possess. You can watch this musical saga currently streaming on Disney Plus.

Jungle Book 

7 best musical movies

Jungle Book is another American adventure drama movie that narrates the story of Mowgli, who the wolves bring up in the dense Indian forest. Directed by Jon Favreau, Jungle Book is one of those all-time best musical movies promoting enthusiasm through its classic stories.

In the story, Mowgli encounters ebb and flow in his jungle life. The animated version of Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa and Shere Khan looks bona fide. The enchanting music, fierce animal fights, and captivating CGI shots make Jungle Book the best musical saga. Don’t forget this visual treat on Disney Plus.


7 best musical movies

Coco is a 2017 American animated fantasy movie that chronicles the story of a young boy Miguel who dreams of becoming a musician and adulates a famous musician Ernest De La Cruz. Although, Miguel’s family is not happy with his idea and has banned music in their menage. But Miguel won’t give up his dreams so easily, rather accomplish them.

One day he steals Cruz’s guitar from his grave, resulting in the latter to arrive the land of the dead. Upon reaching the strange place, he decides to meet his dead ancestors and ask them the reason for the music ban in their family. Hmm! The plot has a heart-warming tale and humour to wow the viewer’s heart. It’s one animated film worthy enough to count among the seven best musical movies of all time. What? Haven’t you listened to its music yet? Go and stream the movie right now on Disney Plus.

Beauty and the Beast 

7 best musical movies

Beauty and the Beast is one family-friendly movie you should binge alongside your house group. The 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film features a beautiful love story of a prince who becomes a beast after an evil curse him and a beautiful girl in charge of his castle.

The musical film is known for its marvellous music that’s influential enough to last for a long time. All children, especially those who like fairy tales, will love this movie and dance to the tune of its titular song, Beauty and the Beast. So, why wait? Grab your snacks, and watch Beauty and the Beast, currently streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.


7 best musical movies

Aladdin is a 1992 American computer-generated musical film created by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Aladdin features the life story of Aladdin, who disguises himself as a wealthy prince and attempts to galvanize the Sultan to wed his daughter. This fascinating story of a young street thief is so much fun and magic. The magnificent musical numbers will compel you to leave your couch and dance along. Jasmine and Aladdin are the ones every kid would want to have friendships with. While they take you into their dreamy world, they also teach you the essence of friendship, honesty and courage.

The Lion King 

7 best musical movies

The 1994 American animated musical film, The Lion King follows the adventure-filled journey of Simba and Mufasa. The Lion King plot is set in the kingdom of Africa, where Simba cannot resist more to be titled King of the Pride Rocks but soon finds himself in a tight spot So will Simba be able to save himself from the life-changing situation? Whether you watch this 1994 musical film or root for its 2019 remake, The Lion King is one of those all-time best musical movies; you can count at your weekends and learn the lessons it teaches you throughout its journey.

Alice in Wonderland 

7 best musical movies

Number 7 in movies known for their amazing musicals is Alice in Wonderland. The story of this animated film is based on 1972 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where Alice follows a rabbit and, in the process, discovers a world she came from earlier when she was a child. Throughout the film, we are taken back to the classic Alice tales until and unless Alice vows to fight the Evil Queen and fails her evil intentions. Are you ready to join Alice in her adventurous journey? Get the movie on Disney Plus Hotstar. Thank me later.


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