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best anime characters

Anime characters with grandiose personalities bring the coolest roles we love to watch today. While some anime characters remain popular for their badass charms, others are loved for their goofiness. And while these hot-cute weirdos take us on their adventure-filled rides, they ace the journey like no other. Hey, do you also enjoy their quirky sides every time they jump on screens? If you ask us, we do it precisely. What about discussing the 10 best anime characters with great character development one can relate to? If your answer is yes, scroll down here, where you will see a list of famous anime characters that developed interestingly over the years. 

Top 10 Best Anime Characters Fans Like Watch Again

Here are the top 10 best anime characters who have won fans’ hearts with their quirky personalities and super-amazing powers. Based on your age group, which anime character are you? Read them all and answer accordingly. 

  • Naruto Uzumaki- Naruto 
best anime characters

Naruto Uzumaki of the popular Japanese manga series is the first we’ll rank in the 10 best anime characters of all time. Although the anime series has a range of anime characters with some extraordinary traits, Naruto Uzumaki is the one we have fallen in love with. Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the Naruto franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto. 

The most powerful of all the warriors, Naruto is loved for his simple-minded and cheerful behavior. He is an ambitious and motivated guy who is ready to accept every challenge that comes his way. A strong and steadfast Naruto has special abilities in Chakra mode and moves Rasengan. We also love his orange suit and yellow hair, though. 

  • Goku- Dragon Ball 
best anime characters

Goku, isn’t that a cute name? Goku is a male Saiyan created by Akira Toriyama for the popular franchise Dragon Ball. Goku’s character is based on Sun Wukong, a fictional character in Journey to the West (a classic Chinese novel). 

Goku, the cutest red-hair boy, is the best anime character. He is adored for his helpful and cross-cross cultural appeal. Goku has the purest heart, as he doesn’t give a second thought before helping a stranger, whether the stranger loves or hates him. He shies from standing in the public spotlight and is ready to sacrifice himself to ensure his planet’s safety. The yellow suit wearer, the monkey-tailed guy, was tasked to destroy the earth. However, upon reaching here, he fell in love with the planet and determined to protect it at any cost. 

  • Eren Yeager – Attack on Titan 
best anime characters

Eren Yeager is one of the most popular anime characters in 2022 from the manga series Attack on Titan. Hajime Isayama created Eren Yeager. He is the most complex anime character of Attack on Titan, whose rageful story forms the basis of the series, divided into four seasons. 

While the two parts of the final season were released last year, its final part, i.e., Attack on Titan season 4 part 3, is still to bring closure to the journey. Eren, the most-fierce anime character in AOT, is a determined and impulsive personality who doesn’t think twice before doing something. He can go through leaps and bounds to save Armin and protect his mind. 

  • Ash Ketchum – Pokemon
best anime characters

Despite many of you disagreeing. Ash Ketchum is one famous anime character you should be inspired by. Owned by Nintendo Game Freak and Creatures, Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokemon franchise. He was only 10 when we first met him in the Kanto region. 

Since childhood, Ash has dreamt of becoming the world’s greatest pokemon master. One day, when Ash oversleeps on his 10th birthday, he gets late to reach Professor Oak’s laboratory. to get Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander and ends up receiving Pikachu. Ash has a strong sense of justice and is determined to defeat all evil organizations with the help of his best friend, Pikachu, and other pokemon friends. 

  • L Lawliet – Death Note 
best anime characters

A tall young man, L Lawliet of the popular manga series Death Note, has buzzed the most eyes for his secretiveness. L Lawliet is the result of Takeshi and Tsugumi Ohba’s s creation. He has always preferred to wear a white shirt and blue jeans and avoids stepping out and communicating with people when not investigating a case. The story of Death note is based on an organization, namely Kira’s investigation regulated by L Lawliet. 

  • Saitama – One Punch Man 

Bald, bold, and brave, that’s what Saitama is. Saitama is the main protagonist of One Punch Man, created by Nick Valdez. He is bald but has the strongest physique, with which he ends every fight he gets into after just one powerful punch. The 25-year-old powerful hero is quite strange in his behavior. He is one hilarious hero who effortlessly throws every superhero into dust with his will powers. However, he is bored with his strengths and is looking for fun out in the world. For otakus like us, Saitama is one of the best anime characters the manga universe has ever built. 

  • Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bepop
best anime characters

Spike Spiegal is the protagonist in the most popular anime of all time, Cowboy Bepop. He is a former member of the Red Dragon Syndicate who left the organization after going head over heels for Julia. As a person, Spike Spiegel is quite slothful and spends most of his time watching tv or sleeping. He is impatient and usually behaves phlegmatically all the time. The 27-year-old bounty hunter travels to space with his crew and is skilled in martial arts fighting. One day he strikes a storm in his former organization and kills vicious. When he returns home, he falls unconscious in the entrance hall, and with no clue whether he survives or dies, destiny leaves his fate ambiguous. 

  • Gintoki Sakata – Gin Tama 
best anime characters

Gintoki Sakata’s name is part of the manga series Gin Tama he plays the protagonist. He is a highly skilled samurai and has been a part of the Joui war, where his range of abilities gave him the nickname Shiroyasha. Gintoki can win any battle and is considered the strongest among opponents. Although his biggest weakness which is rage and anger, often leaves him in trouble. Therefore, despite of become the strongest hero, he is a crazy guy whose only aim is to kill his enemy. 

  • Kurisu Makise – Steins Gate 

Kurisu Makise is a slender young woman in Steins Gate who stole the spotlight from the rest in the anime. As one calm lady, Kurisu has always garnered love among the other best anime characters femaleShe allies with Rintaro and becomes his crime partner for good or bad. Her polite side is what sets her apart in the anime. 

  • Akame – Akame Ka Gill 
best anime characters

Akam in Akame Ka Gill is a pretty young girl with long black hair. Akame Ka Gill is a fine piece of fantasy anime series that sees Akame as a member of the Night Raid; she serves as an assassin. Akame’s momentous came when she struck the last blow to Esdeath’s heart and made a remarkable impact onscreen. By the end of the manga, it’s safe to say Akame is the best lady in the Akame Ka Gill. 

So, that’s what we have covered for the top 10 best anime characters greatly loved by fans for their bold but beautiful personalities. Is there any name we missed? Answer in the comments below. 

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